Rai, CEO Sergio: “We are not Istituto Luce”, no purge”

“I confirmed Gramellini, Annunziata, Report all the programs considered ideological within Rai”

“I think I have expressed positive judgments, even in supervision, towards Lucia Annunziata. I had reconfirmed her program for the next season without any type of censorship, I had reassured her, indeed I had asked her to confirm her bets until the end of June I don’t think we can be considered Istituto Luce, we are a company that adds and doesn’t take away and we will give a voice to all the voices of the country”. To say it is Rai CEO Roberto Sergio, interviewed during the ‘Foglio’ festival underway in Venice.

“I’ve always thought we should change, add, but never purge. I confirmed Gramellini, Annunziata, Report all the programs considered ideological within Rai. Talking about purges is frankly my ….”, adds Sergio.

Chapter ‘Viva Rai 2’: “Fiorello said that I will have to be the administrator of the condominium in via Asiago, I will have to meet the inhabitants of via Asiago because objectively there has been some confusion, I understand. I will meet him and hopefully to find a solution that allows you to return. That program lives on the street, and we need to find a way for the program to be compatible with those who live there”, says Sergio, reassuring about the return of the showman’s programme: “Fiorello will return to Sanremo to accompany Amadeus at the fifth consecutive festival”, Sergio punctuates. And on the powers of the artistic director in the next festival, he underlines: “Amadeus will have all the autonomy he must have”.

During the last Sanremo “I criticized the simulated sexual act in the front row between two characters from the show, in a protected area, I did not criticize the kisses. But that was unacceptable. If something like this happens again, obviously it will not be allowed”, he adds. “Maybe there will be a directorial break”, says the CEO who underlines: “In the next Sanremo none of us will be seated in the front row, this is certain. I will be in the third or fourth row, in front there will be young people and season ticket holders”.

And on the presence of Rosa Chemical at the next Sanremo, cut it short: “He was the son of Batman and Undertrans in Fiorello’s game in his program”, he articulates, “I don’t see any problems”.

In recent days, the words of Claudio Lippi have made a stir, to whom statements against the excessive presence of gays on TV have been attributed: what the presenter said “is not acceptable. No one can speak of Rai colleagues in those terms, including Claudio Lippi, who is a good person, but he made a sensational mistake”.