Rai: changes to tomorrow’s TV programs

These are the Rai variations of tomorrow’s TV programs:


No variations


14:00 Cycling – Giro d’Italia Women Cagliari – Cagliari

15:50 Waterpolo World Cup 2022 Italy – USA / Spain By Raisport Waterpolo women Semifinal

17:20 Castle: “For ten million dollars” (instead of the expected episodes)

(The expected Telefilm Special Team Cobra 11 at 3:45 pm will not air)

1:45 (instead of 01:55) The Loons



15:00 Live from the Senate of the Republic “Question Time” Questions for immediate response. Curated by Rai Parliament

16:10 (instead of 15:00) TG3 LIS

16:15 Rai Parliament TV news

16:25 #Master

17:10 Overland 17 – Far South East Asia

18:10 Geo Magazine (Italy journey into beauty expected at 15:55 will not air)

19:00 TG3

19:30 TG Region – Meteo 3

20:00 Diamond League Athletics – Stockholm. Edited by Rai Sport Commentary by Luca Di Bella Technical Comment by Stefano Tilli

22:00 (instead of 21:20) The man who wanted to become Caesar 1st Vision

23:40 Blob

00:00 TG3 Summer night line (The expected Blobs at 8:00 pm, Beauty Generation at 8:20 pm, A place in the sun at 8:45 pm and Criminal Tales at 11:10 pm will not be broadcast )

00:45 Science Stories – Gravity (instead of the expected episode)