Rai: changes to tomorrow’s TV programs

These are the Rai variations of tomorrow’s TV programs:


08:00 TG1

08:20 TG1 Dialogue

08:30 One Morning with the family

09:00 TG1 LIS

09:05 TG1 Special – The Oath

11:25 Il Provinciale – Valle D’Aosta: Gran Paradiso, Devétéya the return time (instead of the scheduled episode)

12:00 Green Line Explora

(The Good Morning Wellness program scheduled at 10:30 will not be broadcast)

14:00 The Paradise of the Ladies 7 – Daily Season. (30 / per episode)

14:50 Northwest Passage

15:50 In His image

(The Blue Line program scheduled at 14:00 will not be broadcast)

20: 35-01: 00 Dancing with the Stars

00:05 TG1 Evening (instead of 23:55)

01:00 Techetecheté: Hi Franco.

Techetecheté dedicates a tribute to Franco Gatti

01:55 RaiNews24

02:30 Softly

03:00 A Thousand and a Book

04:00 RaiNews24

(The TV Movie Katie Fforde – Kiss of Remembrance scheduled at 00:30 will not air)


16:35 Telefilm Special Team Stuttgart: “Murder included” Rai Premiere (instead of the planned episode)

17:25 Telefilm The Specialists: “One day in June” Rai Premiere (instead of the planned episode)

19:00 Telefilm Castle: “Mortal Notes” (instead of “On Russian soil”)

(The Unmissable column scheduled at 6:00 pm will not air)


00:00 (instead of 23:45) TG3 Mondo

00:25 TG3 World Agenda

00:30 Weather 3

00:35 One day in the Magistrate’s Court – Bad faith

01:50 TG3 Who is on stage

02:05 Appointment at the cinema

02:10 out of hours. Things (never) seen