Rai: changes to tomorrow’s TV programs

These are the Rai variations of tomorrow’s TV programs:


No variations


06:00 Telefilm La Grande Vallata (instead of the expected Telefilm Special Team Cobra 11)

06:30 Telefilm Chesapeake Shores: “Homecoming”

07:15 Telefilm Heartland: “Overcoming fears”

08:00 at 8 in three

08:30 TG2 (Pilots at 06:10, the rerun of In your shoes at h.

06:20 and Dreams Road at h. 07:15 will not air)

15:15 Bellamà

17:05 (instead of 18:10) TG2 LIS

17:10 TG2

17:15 Senate of the Republic. Explanations of vote by the representatives of the parliamentary groups and outcome of the vote on the occasion of the discussion on the communications of the President of the Council of Ministers. By Rai Parliament 19:05 NCIS: “Black chlorine” (In your shoes, the Parliament news, the weather and the Sport Sera news will not be broadcast)


15:05 Piazza Affari

15:15 TG3 LIS

15:20 Documentary 1919 -1922 One hundred years after The Rome-Tokyo raid

16:20 Senate of the Republic. Reply of the President of the Council of Ministers. Curated by Rai Parliament

17:20 (instead of 16:30) Waiting for Geo

5:25 pm Geo (Rai Parliament TV news at 3:20 pm will not be broadcast)