Rai, Conte says no to the PD sit-in

The leader of the Movement: “No, dear PD, we won’t be there on February 7th”

Giuseppe Conte and the M5S reject the invitation to participate in the sit-in that the Democratic Party will organize on February 7 to protest against a Rai ‘at the service of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’. “No, dear Democratic Party, we won’t be there on February 7th. If you really want to work with us to build a serious government alternative, which Italy desperately needs, we must put aside the hypocrisy on what are battles certainly right, like those on Rai and freedom of information”, says Conte in a post on Facebook.

“We participated in the sit-ins for the protection of investigative journalism, alongside Report – he recalls -. We will always be alongside those who defend press freedom in our country. But a sit-in does not seem decisive or credible to us launched by an indignant Democratic Party, which calls together the other political forces and pretends not to know what everyone has known for years, namely that Rai governance is subject to the control of the Government as well as of the majority thanks to the reform imposed by the Renzian Democratic Party in 2015. The parties don’t need a sit-in, they just need to seriously engage in parliamentary commissions for reform.”

“I myself, at the beginning of the legislature – claims the five-star leader -, launched the idea of ​​working, through a broad discussion in the States General, on an organic reform of the Rai, to be implemented in the next legislature, regardless of who the winner will be Because it is, at the same time, clever and illusory to impose a regulatory change on the government of the day, which is taking advantage of the current rules”.

“In the Supervisory Commission, President Floridia is working precisely on this project – writes Conte -, with States General to be held immediately after the European elections, in order to promote wider pluralism and a greater quality of information, making Rai increasingly digitalised and sustainable, increasing its competitiveness compared to the now predominant digital platforms”.

“Putting hypocrisy aside means participating constructively in this project to achieve a reform that is as shared as possible, which keeps Rai safe from the influence of the governments and majorities of the day. Let’s fight this battle without pretence. Raising democratic alarms every other day and targeting individual news reports cannot be the solution. Because it only serves to fuel the reaction of those who today can easily argue that – however uncommendable the flattering services of the politicians in power today are – it will not be easy to match the record of services carefully packaged over the years to blow the wind of consensus in favor of the Democratic Party “.

“Let’s be serious! – Conte writes again – Right-wing friendship is as good as left-wing friendship. Citizens are not fools. The democratic alarm launched by the Democratic Party for the nomination by the Brothers of Italy of the new director of the Teatro di Roma has just returned: the figure has been split and Pd and FdI will each have their own reference director. This does not mean that I am not worried: the Meloni-Fazzolari duo is not demonstrating an adequate democratic culture towards the world of information. They act clumsily, in a rough and arrogant manner, to exert political influence on as many newspapers as possible and, when they fail to do so, they use unconventional weapons even against well-known news sites.”

“Whoever really wants to change things – continues the former prime minister – should put aside hypocrisy and work at institutional tables, first at the States General and then in parliamentary commissions. Demonstrate there the desire to change. This applies to Rai and for the other issues that have been dragging on for years and are not moving forward because we lack the numbers: law on conflict of interest, regulation of lobbies, reform of the electoral law in a proportional sense with reintroduction of preferences, and so on. Let’s try to change things , for real. This is the only way to beat Giorgia Meloni”, concludes Conte.