Rai fee remains on the bill, Baudo: “If you do a public service, that’s right”

“Faced with a large mandate from the public, the Company has a great specific cultural weight to fulfill”

“If a public service is a public service, then it is right that the fee be paid and that it goes into the bill. But in the face of this great mandate from the public, which gives Rai enormous power due to a certain collection, the Company has a great specific cultural weight to be fulfilled”. Pippo Baudo, in conversation with Adnkronos, thus comments on the government’s decision to leave the fee in the electricity bill. In fact, yesterday the Mise in a note denied the rumors of an exclusion of the Rai license fee from the electricity bill.

Baudo praises the “very high quality” of Marco Bellocchio’s ‘Esterno Notte’ series which debuted last night on Rai1: “A beautiful product, but which has not had the desired success because the public is no longer used to this quality level. When I conducted ‘Domenica In’ – recalls the conductor – I tried to talk about books, I brought great writers to address important issues. At the beginning it was not very successful, but then yes. The public is like a child you have to teach to walk, if you don’t do this, then when you give him a very high quality product like ‘Esterno Notte’, you won’t get the desired results”, concludes Baudo.