Rai, many news in day time: from Isoardi to Diaco and Mia Ceran

On Rai1 all the workhorses are confirmed, on Rai3 Emma D’Aquino and her ‘Rebels’ arrive

The confirmation of the stainless warhorses, from Alberto Matano’s’ Live life ‘to Mara Venier’s’ Domenica In’, from Serena Bortone’s’ Today is another day ‘to Antonella Clerici’s’ E’ semper mezzogiorno ‘, which marked his return to the helm of a cooking show, at ‘L’Eredità’ by Flavio Insinna, and a real rain of new entries, mainly concentrated on Rai2, characterize the day time entertainment offer of the next Rai season, presented today by Simona Sala, at the helm of the dedicated genre direction. On Rai1 ‘Reaction to chain’ will have an autumn tail until October 30th, then from October 31st Insinna and his ‘Legacy’ will return. Also confirmed are ‘Unomattina’ (which, after the news of Tg1, begins its appointment with the public through guests in the studio and films, from 9 to 10), ‘Unamattina in famiglia’, ‘Storie Italiane’, ‘Da noi. .. freewheeling ‘,’ The provincial ‘,’ Green Line ‘,’ Blue Line ‘,’ White Line ‘,’ Italy yes’.

On Rai2, in the wake of the success of ‘Radio2 Social Club’, another radiovision program arrives from 7am, ‘Caterpillar AM’ with Filippo Solibello, Claudia de Lillo and Marco Ardemagni. ‘I Fatti Vostri’ is back with Salvo Sottile, Anna Falchi, Umberto Broccoli, Manuela Aureli and Paolo Fox. And here are: ‘Bellama’, Pierluigi Diaco’s talented word, at 3.15 pm from Monday to Friday; ‘In your shoes’, the docureality on the family led by Mia Ceran at 5 pm; over the weekend the container ‘Sabato Italiano’ will see a succession of ‘Fantastic Italians and where to find them’, ‘It seems normal to you’ and ‘Top’ while on Sunday at 11.15 Paola Perego and Simona Ventura will return with ‘Intercom Rai2’ and while in the afternoon at 15 it will debut Elisa Isoardi with the new ‘I would like to tell you that’. News also in the weekend of Rai, where on Saturday Emma D’Aquino will lead ‘Rebels’ at 3.15 pm from 10 September to 1 October, proposing in each episode the story of two characters who have broken the mold.