Rai Radio gives the alarm, the information starts at 5 in the morning

The press review ‘Before dawn’ and then ‘Radio Anch’io’ which will begin at 6.30 anticipating an hour and up to 9 – CEO Carlo Fuortes: “Radio is not the poor sister of TV, we focus on young and digital ‘with technological investments in studios and systems “- President Marinella Soldi:” Extraordinary schedule, in view of the centenary celebration “

Rai Radio gives … the alarm clock. The novelty of the new schedules – presented in the historic headquarters of the Radio Production Center in via Asiago in Rome by the ad Carlo Fuortes and the president Marinella Soldialongside Roberto Sergio director of Rai Radio, Andrea Vianello director of Rai Radio 1 and Gr Rai, Paola Marchesini director of Rai Radio 2, Andrea Montanari director of Rai Radio 3 and several well-known faces such as Renzo Arbore, Mara Venier, Luca Barbarossa, Andrea Delogu, Geppy Cucciari, Monica Setta – sees the strengthening of the information band on Radio1, starting from 5 and up to 9, opening with the press review ‘Before sunrise’ and anticipating the start of by one hour, at 6.30 ‘Radio Me too’.

Great space, as usual, also in the world of sport, with the transmission of all the matches of the World Cup in Qatar in addition of course to ‘All football minute by minute’. Departure at 6.40 on Radio2 for ‘Caterpillar’ which then returns at 18, with the confirmations from 7.45 of ‘Roar of the Rabbit’ with Marco Presta and Antonello Dose and from 10.30 am ‘Radio2 Social Club’ conducted by Luca Barbarossa. On Radio3 new edition for ‘Voices in Barcaccia’ and on Saturday space a ‘Edo a Zac: topicality redeemed by great music’.

“Our mission is above all informative: we made the commitment to wake up early …”, he explains with a smile Andrea Vianello director of Radio1 and GrRai. “We will be cross-media: radio is and remains a choral work”, he underlines Paola Marchesini director of Radio2. “We will talk about culture without creating a dusty academy and making young people protagonists”, he promises Andrea Montanari director of Radio3. And then, in addition to Isoradio, space for specialized channels such as Radio Kids, Radio Techetè, Radio Tutta Italiana and Rai Play Sound.

“The attention that the top management of Rai, the board of directors and the company, give to the Radio shows that for us it is not the poor sister of TV: we invest new resources in technology, studios and systems”, assures the CEO Carlo Fuortes, at the presentation of the new program schedules for the 2022-2023 season, under the ‘degregorian’ slogan chosen for the occasion, ‘We are the Radio’. “We are thinking of enhancing an instrument as ancient and at the same time as modern as the Radio, which anticipated the reorganization by genres carried out by the TV networks”.

Fuortes states: “We aim at completing and strengthening the digitization process, a path already undertaken and on which to continue, and on projects to attract younger audiences, more attracted to podcasts than linear radio. Our goal is always to be the Number One, on TV as on radio: this is the spur we give, with the ambition to always continue to grow and improve “. And in this regard, the director Roberto Sergio announces the opening of a new channel dedicated specifically to the age group ranging from 15 to 24 years.

“It’s an extraordinary schedule – he underlines Marinella Soldi president of Rai – also in view of the centenary that the Radio is about to celebrate, in 2024, after the hundred years just celebrated by the BBC. Let’s imagine the astonishment and the wonder of that time, for the strangeness of a voice that came from afar and came out of a box … The radio is sound, it is words, it is music and also silence, to leave its mark in history with a lasting effect and its mark in the future, challenged by digital, podcasts and smart speakers. We want to create, with the richness of our proposals in the schedule and our linear and online offer, an empathy with citizens, with our listeners “.

“I believe that innovating and experimenting is part of the public service mission and we never stop. This is a real bet that I am sure will enable new ways of understanding and making radio. We are enthusiastic about the new studio and we are working on it with great passion” , he claims Roberto Sergio, director of Rai Radio, announcing the next step in the process of complete digitalization of studies, systems and production processes, or the creation of a ‘metastudio’ that will allow specialized digital channels to open live audio and video windows, managed directly from the tenants thanks to a highly automated production system; as well as the arrival of two great new studios for Rai Radio 1, one a Saxa Rubra and one in the historic headquarters of Via Asiago: studies for live radio with the possibility of switching on the visual modes, as is now the standard Rai Radio.

The studio will be carried out with neutral colors and, thanks to a series of automatisms, it will be customized from time to time according to the channel on which you want to broadcast. The identification of the conductor through a badge will allow to recall the specific macro configurations for each channel: visual identity, colors, logos, Fb video settings, audio destinations, microphone configurations. The activity of the conductors will be supported by the editorial staff present in the open-space of the studio who will be able to carry out social promotion activities during the live broadcast. While the supervision will be entrusted to the technical staff.

“The added value of the initiative – underlined in a note Rai – it therefore consists in the possibility of making several radio channels coexist within the same studio, each maintaining its own characteristic identity and making the most of the immediacy of autonomous radio management. The start of the new study will coincide with the launch of the new radio with a young target that is being planned in recent weeks. And it will be the new radio that will test and experiment with the new transmission methods of the metastudio: an open window on the metaverse “.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)