Rai Radio2 lands on TV with its own channel and celebrates with ‘The Christmas show’

From today on air on digital terrestrial

Rai Radio2 lands on TV with a channel of its own and celebrates in via Asiago with ‘The Christmas show’. The entire cast of Rai Radio2 was present and took turns on stage to the applause of those present in the room. The show introduced from Diletta Parlangerli and by Saverio Raimondo hosted Marco Presta and Antonello Dose de ‘The Roar of the Rabbit’ which they sang together with Attilio di Giovanni and Max Paiella ‘Little Big Christmas’, a revisited version of Baglioni’s ‘ Questo Piccolo grande amore’ in an amusing and ‘Christmas’ way. Paola’s performance was hilarious Threats in the guise of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. “I gave Salvini a pack of Lego for Christmas – said Minaccioni, imitating Meloni – so the bridge over the Strait is built by himself while Berlusconi I gave away a model of Pullman so it will come back to him when he filled them”. Also present was Luca Barbareschi who sang ‘Jinle Bell Rock’ together with Alina Ascione. ‘The Christmas show’ closed with ‘All I want for Christmas is you’, sung by the entire cast of Rai Radio2 on the stage of the Rai studios in via Asiago. The Visual Radio of Rai Radio2, live from today on channel 202 of digital terrestrial relaunches the cross-media challenge that it has made its own in recent years, offering a further way of using the radio offer: the possibility of watching the radio schedule also live on DTT TV.

The network aims at convergence with other media to offer the possibility of listening to, but also seeing, the contents of the radio, confirming itself as a reality for experimenting with new formats broadcast simultaneously on air, on TV on Rai2 with excellent share results, on platforms and now also on digital terrestrial channel 202 and Tivùsat. ”Allowing listeners to choose how to use the radio medium has always been a our goal”, said Paola Marchesinidirector of Rai Radio2, advocate of the cross-media turnaround of the network, who took part this morning at the presentation of digital terrestrial channel 202 during the Radio2 Christmas party. Very encouraging results also in the Social area, given that Radio2 is the radio with the most interactions on Facebook (over 10 million), one of the most attended with over 1 million comments on Facebook alone and on Instagram it records double-digit growth in followers (+13% in the last 12 months). ”Radio2’s large community is its strength – underlined Marchesini – made up of listeners, the Visual audience, those who choose to watch and share the exclusive content we produce for social networks and those who make the radio every day : conductors, workers, technicians. ”.

”Today all together for to party a new, great achievement – continues Marchesini – Radio2 also broadcast on digital terrestrial, because radio adapts perfectly to the digital revolution, demonstrating that it has a great past but also a great future, all to be invented”. On the platforms and on TV and precisely on the small screen, Radio2 records the most satisfactory data: the numbers speak of a great response for the Radio2 formats on TV, this is the case of Radio2 Social Club, every morning on Rai2 with share peaks of 7.7% and an average of 6%, but also the revelation program of last summer, ‘Radio2 Happy family’, which stands on Rai2 with an average between 4 and 5% and finally ‘I Lunatici’, the star performers of the night radio broadcasting that with a window on Rai2 overlooks TV every night, reaching peaks of 4.5%. “We are there official radio of Sanremo – recalls the director of Rai Radio2 – we will have an even richer schedule of news – he reveals to Adnkronos – we will be on the Glass all afternoon and then from our position inside the Ariston”, he concludes.

(by Alisa Toaff)