Rai Report, La Russa media lawsuit for “unrealistic accusations”

For previews of tonight’s episode

The President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa, announces complaints for aggravated defamation in relation to the previews of the episode of Report, broadcast tonight on Rai3. “While waiting to see and carefully evaluate the episode of Report which will be broadcast this evening on Rai3, the President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa has given a mandate to his lawyers to file complaints for aggravated defamation against newspapers and media that have published and spread excerpts of far-fetched accusations and without having carried out any necessary verification. Excerpts of accusations provided to them by the same broadcast hosted by Sigfrido Ranucci”, reads a note from the spokesperson of the President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa.

“It must be stated immediately that after almost two months of expensive searches and crews unleashed in various regions of Italy, not having been able to find even a shred of not only illegal but also simply inappropriate activities of President La Russa, Ranucci and his companions opted to desperately try to smear his father and his family – and this is the aspect that most infuriates the President of the Senate – with reconstructions that are completely different from the truth and seriously harmful to the honor of those, starting with the late Antonino La Russa who would be 110 years old today, has never in his life been the subject of even a warranty notice for any reason.”

“In particular, Report ‘accuses’ the latter of having been vice-president of Liquigas after 1956, the company of that financier Michelangelo Virgillito (still praised as a benefactor of the Church and who has never had legal problems) who Ranucci’s broadcast falsely accuses of an episode dating back to 1938. A good 18 years before President La Russa’s father met him. We repeat: 18 years before we met him! And again, Report always refers to an accusation by a repentant stranger, or at least unknown to us, according to the which in 1994 Senator Antonino La Russa, together with his son Vincenzo, asked for votes in criminal circles in favor of… Forza Italia!”, continues the note.

“The circumstance which is already false and slanderous in itself – continues La Russa’s spokesperson – also appears impossible in light of the fact that for years Antonino La Russa was no longer a candidate and his son Vincenzo (who was never supported electorally by his family) was a candidate not with Forza Italia but with Casini’s UDC. And what matters most is that this circumstance has never had any judicial follow-up, even minimal, nor has it ever been contested by the interested parties who have only been able to read it in a “newspaper” all over the world. ‘time of events’.

“On the other accusations, from the call centers to Paternò’s elected representatives, up to the relationships with a member of a small bar bought to help the bartender, it will be even easier to make all the spreaders and serial slanderers accountable in criminal proceedings. start with Report itself. We will see this evening’s broadcast and then deal with fake news and shameful reconstructions in the ways that the law allows while being aware of the belief in impunity that accompanies this type of pseudo journalistic investigations”, concludes the note.