Rai, Santoro against Fazio and Annunziata: “I can’t stand them”

The journalist: “Fazio returned to Rai because politics wanted it that way. And Annunziata was president when Berlusconi governed”

“Rai had a loss with the farewell of Fazio and Annunziata, they are very valid professionals. I can’t stand either of them”. Michele Santoro does not mince words to express himself on Fabio Fazio and Lucia Annunziata, who have announced their farewell to Rai.

“The narratives they make are always a bit fake. It’s not true that Fazio spent 40 uninterrupted years at Rai, he went away to work at La7 when he was with Telecom, he didn’t even make an episode…” says Santoro , to Di Martedì, recalling the ‘Telesogno’ project that didn’t take off. “Fazio came out of that adventure devastated, he was much richer than before but people looked at him wrong. I didn’t return to Rai. He, on the other hand, did. politics wanted him to return…”, says Santoro.

Then, the journalist goes on to talk about Lucia Annunziata: “When you leave Rai saying that you don’t agree with this government, one must remember that she was the guarantee president when Silvio Berlusconi was in charge. Lucia Annunziata took over from Paolo Mieli, who resigned after setting the return of Enzo Biagi, Daniele Luttazzi and Michele Santoro as a condition. Lucia Annunziata took over. These two colleagues were the pivot around which a cultural policy in Rai revolved, made up of exclusions”. “I stated that the company would have done well to keep them. But I’m not the company and I’m not a public service that keeps out a different thought, which was out even before, when they were at the center of the babà…” , he reiterates.