Rai: Turkish in the crosshairs, M5S leaders defend him ‘he has never dealt with on Tg’

Tension remains high within the M5S after the match on Rai appointments. In these hours, Senator Mario Turco, vice president of the 5 Star Movement and very loyal to Giuseppe Conte, ends up in the crosshairs of the Malpancisti. “Turco negotiated on behalf of Conte, hiding him from parliamentary groups. We were told that no one on behalf of the Movement had negotiated and instead they negotiated and failed. Turco knew everything. They blew up the bank to go to early elections …” , the accusation that is brought by a parliamentary source.

At the heart of the discontent was the meeting that would take place on Tuesday evening at Palazzo Chigi between Turco and Antonio Funiciello, chief of staff of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. But another version comes from the pentastellated leaders: no negotiations with Turco – remark from Conte’s entourage – the M5S vice president was summoned to Palazzo Chigi and there he was informed of the list of names of the news directors, who in the morning following, Wednesday 17, she arrived at the Board of Directors of Viale Mazzini. In short, Turco, according to the M5S leaders, would have been informed of decisions already taken: “He only received a report the day before with the negotiations already closed, since the names of the news directors would soon be published in the newspapers”, is specified.

The discontent, however, does not subside. They tell the Adnkronos about yet another informal meeting, which would have taken place yesterday, Thursday, at Palazzo Madama. Among others, the Minister of Agricultural Policies Stefano Patuanelli was present. During the meeting, the vice president of the Rai Supervisory Commission Primo Di Nicola would use strong words, saying he was “amazed” and “outraged” by the journalistic background that spoke of an active role of Turco in the negotiations on the appointments of the public service.

“Why didn’t you warn us? Why did we have to learn everything from the press?”, Di Nicola would have asked, who had also participated in the river meeting on Wednesday with Conte at Palazzo Madama to agree on the Aventino M5S line in Rai. A line shared with the group leaders of the Chamber and Senate and with the grillini commissioners in supervision.

(by Antonio Atte)