Rai: variations of tomorrow’s TV programmes

These are the Rai variations of tomorrow’s TV programs:


01:30 Long live Rai 2… Long live Sanremo! At night (instead of Viva Rai 2! …and a little Rai 1 too)


18:10 TG2 LIS

18:15 TG2 – Weather 2

18:40 Wild Moss Fedez and Luis Sal lead. Directed by Lorenzo Maiocchi

18:55 Without Network Organized by Rai Documentari. Directed by Marco Speroni

19:45 The Rookie: “Broken heart”

20:30 TG2 (TG Parlamento at 18:00, TG Sport Sera at 18:35 and the Telefilm Hawaii Five – 0 at 19:00 will not be broadcast) –

11:05pm Tonight is… the best 0

0:15 Telefilm Last track: Berlin: “Ghosts of the past” – Weather 2

01:10 TV Movie: High Society Homicides: “The Face of Death” (instead of The Lunatics)

02:40 (instead of 03:00) Casa Italia

03:55 Appointment at the cinema

04:00 Rex: “Quarantine”

04:45 Pilots


20:35 The horse and the tower that will be (instead of The horse and the tower)

20:50 A place in the sun

21:20 Special#cartabianca

00:00 TG3 Night line

01:00 Weather 3

01:05 (instead of 01:15) Protestantism Bible. Of everything a Pop (2)

01:40 On the road to Damascus

02:10 (instead of 02:20) RaiNews24 (TG Magazine scheduled at 01:05 will not be broadcast)