Rai: variations of tomorrow’s TV programmes

These are the Rai variations of tomorrow’s TV programs:


15:40 Qatar Football World Cup 2022: Tunisia – France Live from the Education City stadium Commentary by Alberto Rimedio and Antonio Di Gennaro. Interviews by Stefano Rizzato. In the studio Marco Lollobrigida and Lele Adani

18:25 (instead of 18:10) The World Heritage Challenge

19:30 NEWS

19:45 Qatar Football World Cup 2022: Poland – Argentina Live from stadium 974. Commentary by Stefano Bizzotto and Lele Adani Interviews by Stefano Rizzato. In the studio Alessandro Antinelli and Claudio Marchisio

10:00 pm (instead of 10:15 pm) The World Cup Club

11pm (instead of 11.30pm) BoboTv – Qatar special

11:05 pm Door to Door

11:20 pm TG1 Evening

00:50 RaiNews24

01:25 Overland 16 “The roads of the Incas: Bolivia and Peru” (instead of the planned episode)


02:00 (instead of 02:30) Casa Italia

03:40 Jane the Virgin: “Chapter Ninety-Six” and “Chapter Ninety-Seven” and “Chapter Ninety-Eight”

05:35 Pilots


2.50 pm LEONARDO

15:00 Live from the Chamber of Deputies “Question Time” Questions with immediate answer. Organized by Rai Parlamento

16:00 (instead of 15:05) BUSINESS SQUARE

16:10 TG3 LIS

16:15 Rai Parliament TV news

4.20pm Waiting for Geo (Discovering the Golden Bough at 3.25pm ​​will not be broadcast)