Rai will not have a program for next year: the hard outburst arrives

Excluded from next year’s Rai schedules, he does not hide his disappointment on social media: no program for the historic face of the company.

The mechanisms of TV are mostly unknown to the public and it happens not to easily find explanations for sudden changes or unexpected decisions. As in the case of the fiction of which we are seeing the replica in this period, which despite the great success of the first season, did not have a continuation.

Rai hard vent (Credits: Facebook)

It also happened to a very famous Rai face: in the presentation of the 2022/2023 schedules his name does not appear, for him there will be no broadcast. Yet, for decades he has been a cornerstone of the company and boasts a long and very rich career.

For the first time, his audience will not see him as the protagonist of any project, after his nearly twenty-year experience at the helm of a historic company program. Last year we saw him as a contestant for Il Cantante Mascherato and even as an actor in a much loved series.

For next year, however, there is nothing on the horizon for him and apparently the news was not at all welcome. When TvBlog he made it known of his exclusion from the schedules, he did not give up to comment on the incident on social networks with sarcasm and a hint of bitterness.

Rai, no program for him: the ‘pungent’ reaction arrives

The famous conductor who was left with a dry mouth for next season is obviously Giancarlo Magalli who for nearly two decades was the host of the de Your Facts today led by Salvo Sottile and Anna Falchi. For him there was then, at the end of 2021, the parenthesis of One Word Too MuchRai Due afternoon quiz.

His experience as a narrator of the docu-reality is also concluded The college where, starting from the seventh edition completely renewed with respect to the previous ones, it will be replaced. The many fans of Don Matteo they will then recall that the good Giancarlo took on the role of the Bishop during the thirteenth season which saw the entry on the scene of Raoul Bova in place of Terence Hill.

Finally, there was the adventure a The Masked Singer in which Magalli participated as a competitor together with his beautiful daughter Michela. At the moment, however, it seems that he will have to take a break from TV and for him it must have been a novelty that is not easy to digest. Not surprisingly, he did not hesitate to throw a dig of him at Rai in this regard.

On his Facebook profile on which he is always very active, the conductor has in fact shared the news of TvBlog on his exclusion from the schedules and wrote: “Rai’s gratitude is legendary”.

Rai program next year
Rai conductor no program

However, it is not said that Giancarlo will not find his place in the spring program, but in the meantime, what do you think of his reaction?