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The leader of Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni is the guest of Bruno Vespa at “Porta a Porta”, broadcast tomorrow at 11.30 pm on Rai 1.

A real race against time that of Enrico Brignano, who re-proposes his one man show on TV tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai 2. The actor and presenter puts himself to the test with “A single hour I would like to”, a project innovative: sixty minutes to do everything, quickly and incredibly well. A show that mixes different ingredients with the style that is typical of Brignano. There are the biting and hilarious monologues of costume satire, which arise from the comedian’s ability to stage an amusing, and at the same time amused, analysis of the events of the week and their effects on ordinary people and not, where the irony is the carrier to decode and tell what happens every day. There is music, played and danced, which keeps the rhythm of the conductor and accompanies him in his race against the minutes that pass with a Resident band always present in the studio and dancers and performers ready to give life to original artistic moments. There will be special guests, called to get involved and have fun together with the landlord.

When Sarah meets Victor in 1971, she does not imagine that he will become one of the most important French writers and that they will spend 45 years together full of passions, betrayals, disappointments and successes. But who is really the woman who lives in the shadow of her famous husband? Director Nicolas Bedos tells the story of love and the secrets of a very unusual couple, against the backdrop of the history of the last half century, in the film “Un amore sopra la linea”, broadcast tomorrow at 9.15 pm on Rai 5. In the cast Doria Tillier, Nicolas Bedos, Denis Podalydès, Antoine Gouy, Christiane Millet.

On Rai2 the final of ‘Cantacielo’ – On Rai Sport the match between Italy and Romania for women

“Cantacielo”, the festival dedicated to the “songs of the soul”, will be broadcast on Rai 2 tomorrow at 11.50pm. The event, conducted by Enrica Guidi and Leonardo Metalli, will see the eight selected finalists compete on a large number of candidates received in recent months. These are the pieces selected in the competition: Alice (Interpreter: Babols; Authors: Gabriele Ferrarese / Luca Romano / Dorotea Fossile); Everything can change (Interpreter: Angelo Antonio Ferrara; Author: Dorotea Fossile); On the road to heaven (Interpreters: Emilio Corbo and Patrizio De Simio; Author: Emilio Corbo); Baila nell’anima (Interpreter and Author: Mirael); Awakenings (Interpreters: Fabio Piacentini and Ilaria Cristofari; Author: Gabriele Ferrarese); Per te son (Interpreter: Jessie Grace Smith; Author: Marcello Marrocchi); Here (letter to man) (Interpreter: Etymus; Authors: Etymus and Filippo Moreschini); On a windy day (Interpreter: Fabio Fois; Authors: Fabio Fois / Marco Profeta. The Lavorè Orchestra will accompany the boys in live performances, a formation of twenty-two elements from Naples and Rome with the four choristers Johanna Pezone, Olimpia Penza, Alex Parravano and Aurora Portelli. The winner will be a jury composed of Eugenio Arcidiacono, Donatella Pandimiglio, Dario Salvatori, Francesca Chialà, Friar Alessandro Brustenghi, Gianfranco Sciscione, Giorgio Flavio Pintus and Romano Musumarra. Guests of the evening will be the Jalisse, who have been entrusted with the interpretation of the theme song of the festival “Canta al cielo” (Pintus – Musumarra) and who will also propose their latest song “This is exactly what we lack”. On stage the musical groups Neacò and Heart Gospel in Music, the singers Matteo G. and Maurizio In, the artists Gianfranco Phino, Gianfranco Lacchi and Daniele Si Nasce. From the songs in the final an album will be made discographic, to be released in the weeks following the festival. The initiative is carried out in partnership with Rai Radio Tutta Italiana.

Only one piece is missing, and then the puzzle will be complete. 90 minutes from the end of the world qualifying round, Milena Bertolini’s Azzurre need a win against Romania, currently third in the standings, behind Italy and Switzerland, to secure first place and celebrate the finish line. After the resounding 8-0 away from home last week, with which Caruso – author of a sensational poker – and companions demolished Moldova, at the “Paolo Mazza” in Ferrara, Tuesday 6 September, the last obstacle before the flight to Australia and New Zealand is the Romanian team, against which, in reality, a draw could be enough, given the substantial goal difference (currently +11) that the Italians can boast against Switzerland, two points behind in the standings, 24 at 22. Forbidden to make calculations, however, warns the CT Bertolini, who despite the many absences, last in order of time that of the Roma defender, Elena Linari, who has returned to the capital after the exams that showed a muscle injury, will send the best possible training in the field. Italy-Romania, kick-off at 6.30 pm, will be broadcast live on Rai Sport + HD, starting at 6.15 pm, with the commentary by Tiziana Alla and Carolina Morace and the pre and post game study with Sara Meini – her interventions also from sidelines and interviews – and Katia Serra.

Michael Portillo crosses the south-east of Australia, from Canberra to the multi-ethnic heart of Melbourne, in the new episode of the series “Next stop Australia”, broadcast tomorrow at 8.15 pm on Rai 5. In the episode, Portillo discovers the story behind the ashes at the consecrated Melbourne Cricket Ground.

At ‘Passato e Presente’ on Rai3 focus on Albert Camus – ‘Radio too’ on Rai Radio 1 talks about the cost of energy

Narrator, philosopher, man of the theater, journalist, political militant, Albert Camus marked his time in an original way by linking philosophical reflection to concrete political battles. At “Passato e Presente” – broadcast tomorrow at 1.15 pm on Rai 3 and at 8.30 pm on Rai Storia – the historian Gilles Pécout and Paolo Mieli draw a portrait of one of the greatest French intellectuals of the twentieth century. Considered an anomalous existentialist, an independent spirit, author of masterpieces of world literature such as “Lo Straniero” and “La Peste”, Camus never leaves his political commitment. Militant of the Communist Party in Algeria, journalist and partisan in the French Resistance, he does not hesitate to take sides, always, in defense of the freedom of individuals. In 1957 he received the highest award: the Nobel Prize for literature.

The impact of high bills on the fall of businesses and households, the problems that could arise and possible solutions. The episode of “Radio too” starts from here, broadcast tomorrow at 7.30 on Radio 1. The political debate will then begin: the positions of the forces in the field 19 days before the national elections. Among the guests from 7.30-8 am: Marco Varvello, RAI correspondent from London; Angela Mauro, Huffington Post; Michele Polo, Political Economy at Bocconi and president of Green, the University’s energy research center; Massimilano Dona, president of consumers.it. It will continue between 8.30 and 9 with Francesca Schianchi, La Stampa; Raffaele Fitto MEP, co-president of the European Conservatives and Reformists -FdI group; Debora Serracchiani, president of the Democratic Party in the House. Finally, from 9 am, the analysis of the election campaign with strategy and communication experts: Giovanni Diamanti, political analyst at Youtrend; Federico Palmaroli, aka Osho “The most beautiful phrases of Osho”; Edoardo Novelli, professor of sociology and political communication at Roma Tre University.

The life and musical evolution of Jeff Beck, a great experimenter and one of the most talented guitarists of his generation. Starting from the beginnings – it is worth remembering the appearance that opens Antonioni’s film “Blow up” – “Ancora inugia”, broadcast tomorrow at 11.15pm on Rai 5, retraces the experience with the Yardbirds and Jeff Beck Group up to the present day. Directed by Matthew Longfellow, the doc hosts speeches by Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Ronnie Wood, Rod Stewart, Joe Perry (Aerosmith) and Slash.