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Model, showgirl and entrepreneur: Wanda Nara is the “dancer for a night” in the new appointment with “Dancing with the Stars”, the show hosted by Milly Carlucci, broadcast tomorrow from 8.35pm on Rai 1. Wanda will test herself by learning a short time a choreography designed specifically for her, thus submitting to the judgment of the technical jury. The program, now in its fifth episode, is about to reach the halfway point, taking the competition to an even higher level. Only the best will see their efforts rewarded, on the track and in the rehearsal room, by rightfully entering the decisive phase of the program. The VIPs still in the race will do their best to win over the public at home, but also the Jury led by Carolyn Smith. Alongside her again this week: Guillermo Mariotto, Fabio Canino, Ivan Zazzaroni and Selvaggia Lucarelli. To give a voice to the people from home, on the track, the anti-jury comments, composed by Rossella Erra, Sara Di Vaira and Simone Di Pasquale. They are entrusted with the task of rewarding the competitors penalized by the jury of experts. The presence of Alberto Matano, conductor of Live Life and custodian of the “treasure”, is unmissable. All the musical moments are entrusted to Paolo Belli and his Big Band, who accompany, live, the performance of the dancers to the rhythm of songs arranged according to the musical styles of each single competition. Also of note is the departure of “Dancing on the road”, the successful spin-off of “Dancing with the stars”, hosted by Milly Carlucci with Simone Di Pasquale and Sara Di Vaira. Starting tomorrow, at 2.00 pm, for four weeks, images of the most evocative places in Sicily will accompany the performances of nine competing dancers in each episode.An appointment that will continue at 8.35 pm when two talents selected in the afternoon will compete on the dance floor of the Auditorium della Rai in the “Dancing with you” tournament. The collaboration is the result of the agreement between the Sicilian Region and Rai Com.

Midterm elections in America are at the center of Tg2 Dossier, hosted live by Luca Salerno, tomorrow at 22.50 on Rai 2. Two years after Biden’s election, the vote – with the renewal of the Chamber and a third of the Senate – will be a test case for the President. Studio guests and connections with reporters and experts.

From the first bipeds able to descend from trees about 30-50,000 years ago to industrial sapiens, passing from the first Europeans (Atapuerca) to pre-industrial and creative sapiens (Chauvet), to Neanderthals. Tomorrow, at 9.45 pm on Rai 3, “Sapiens – un solo planet”, a Rai Cultura production, tells how the human revolution has changed the Earth, starting with the introduction of the practice of agriculture and subsequently upsetting it with the work of a only species, that of the sapiens, to the detriment of all the others. From the Defensola mine in Vieste, the oldest in Europe dating back to the sixth millennium BC, where industrial sapiens extracted, worked and traded flint throughout the Adriatic, Mario Tozzi reconstructs the history of our ancestors. By analyzing their main characters, from intelligence to the use of tools, from the use of hands to that of technologies, from the development of language to that of writing, the differences between sapiens and other beings will be defined in an increasingly evident way. living.

Tomorrow on Rai Storia ‘Author documentaries’ The events – month by month – of the incredible 1989, the last year of the Berlin Wall, intertwined with the history of this physical and political “monster”, from its conception on 13 August 1961, until its fall. In the days of the anniversary of the end of the Wall, Ezio Mauro retraces them in “Chronicles from the Berlin Wall”, a documentary film produced by Stand by Me and Rai Cinema, broadcast tomorrow at 22.50 on Rai Storia for “Author documentaries” . Through interviews with witnesses and archival materials collected from numerous international sources, Ezio Mauro brings to mind the 155 kilometers of concrete and barbed wire of the wall, telling a story made up of people, looks, hopes and disappointments, against the backdrop of the symbolic places of the events, where the traces of a recent past survive. From politicians to opponents, from fugitives to men of faith, from prisoners to artists to ordinary people, Ezio Mauro meets dozens of people giving space both to the protagonists of the “great story” of the Wall, and to “bottom-up” stories of Italian citizens who lived in Berlin in those years. Among the illustrious witnesses, the former President of the Republic (2012 – 2017) Joachim Gauck, Protestant pastor and exponent of the opposition at the time of the GDR; Joachim Rudolph, escaped from the GDR in ’61, protagonist the following year in the tunnel adventure that allowed 29 people to escape from East Berlin to West; Brigitte Seebacher, the widow of Willy Brandt, leader of the SPD when the Wall fell, former Chancellor and former Mayor of Berlin; Rainer Eppelmann, another Protestant pastor with a leading role in the uprisings that accompanied the fall of the Wall, helped Angela Merkel’s political rise, suggesting her name as a spokesperson for the first premier of the free GDR. Among the Italians, Graziano Bertussin who, accused of being a spy, was held prisoner in the Stasi prison in East Berlin for 4 long and terrible years; Riccardo Ehrman, former correspondent from Germany for Ansa, who at the famous press conference of 9 November 1989, with his question, caused the fall of the wall; Giuseppe Vita, defined by many as “the most influential Italian in Berlin”, who became CEO of the well-known Berlin pharmaceutical company Schering and then a director of Schroeder. To complete this mosaic of testimonies, the key places of the events, themselves protagonists of the documentary: the pieces of the Wall still standing today, the buildings involved in the architectural upheaval of Berlin, the best known and visible symbols of the divided city such as Checkpoint Charlie , a checkpoint between the US and Soviet areas of influence; the Brandenburg Gate, symbol of the city, which after the construction of the Berlin Wall found itself in no man’s land, locked between east and west; the Stasi headquarters, where Minister Mielke kept the strings of his spy web; Bornholmer Strasse, the opening in the wall that “fell” first. And many other places, less known but equally representative, such as the ghost stations of the underground, the cemetery of the Invalides, a public house in East Berlin faithfully furnished as in those years, the recording studios where David Bowie composed Heroes. of the surreal and unusual genre in the prime time of Rai Movie: for the cycle ‘Never seen before’ tomorrow at 9.15 pm the film ‘Paradise-A new life’ (Italy 2019) will be broadcast with Vincenzo Nemolato and Giovanni Calcagno, directed by Davide Del Degan. It is the story of Calogero, a seller of slushes, who had to flee Sicily with his cart because he wanted to do the right thing, that is, testify against a mafia killer. The witness protection program has found him an apartment in a residence, the Paradise: it is a pity that the residence is abandoned and that he is in Sauris, a village in Friuli where it always snows and the Tyrolean Schuhplattler is danced by sganassoni. Calogero misses his family, he is left with only a puzzle of Sicily that loses its pieces as the days go by. But another tenant arrives at Paradise from Sicily, and the lives of both will be destined to change. A cage on the stage. Like the one in which, in the summer of 1945, the poet Ezra Pound was imprisoned for 25 days in the prison camp of the American army at Arena Metato, in the province of Pisa. Twenty-five days, which would be followed by 12 years and 11 months of imprisonment in a criminal asylum in the United States. A story that – introduced by Paolo Mieli – Leonardo Petrillo brings to the stage with his “Ezra in a cage”, played by Mariano Rigillo, broadcast tomorrow from 9.15 pm on Rai 5. Pound remained day and night in that wire mesh cage, a metal roof and concrete floor, exposed to the elements and constantly lit during the night. Then, the criminal asylum to which the American government forced what was not only one of the most influential poets of the twentieth century, but a master of thought, an ecologist, who proposed a sort of bioeconomy, for a progress respectful of vital rhythms and biologicals, and an economist who criticized the notion of quantity, anticipating the thought of a happy degrowth. He was released in 1958. And, since then, silence has accompanied him in the last years of his life. In “Ezra in a Cage”, Petrillo makes Pound “come back” after sixty years to ask viewers to judge him, to have that trial he didn’t have. The show – written and directed by Leonardo Petrillo with Mariano Rigillo and Anna Teresa Rossini – is freely drawn from the writings and statements of the poet. The sets are by Gianluca Amodio, the costumes by Lia Francesca Morandini, the lights by Enrico Berardi and the music by Carlo Covelli. A production of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto – National Theater.

On Rai Radio 1 ‘”Serial”, guest Neil Marshall’ The presence of a famous director, science fiction and comics. This will be discussed in “Serial”, the Rai Radio1 program broadcast tomorrow at 1.20pm dedicated to TV series and hosted by Alessandro Allegra and Giulia Nannini, which will host Neil Marshall, acclaimed director of films such as “Dog Soldiers”, “The Descent – Descent into darkness ”and the TV series“ Game of Thrones ”. With him also Alan Jones, director of the Trieste Science Fiction Festival, the most important Italian event dedicated to science fiction. In the second part also Michele Masiero, to talk about the newborn “Sergio Bonelli Entertainment”, the new production arm of the comic book publishing house. Finally, with Francesca Barolini, of the Rai Teche editorial team, the memory of one of the cult series of Italian television: “A come Andromeda”. “Serial” is also available on RaiPlay Sound: https://www.raiplaysound.it/programmi/serial.Ficarra and Picone are guests, tomorrow at 15 on Rai 2, at “TOP – Everything is trendy” to present their latest film “The Strange” and talk about their choices regarding clothing. To create a perfect wardrobe instead, we discover the latest trend in terms of image: the color scheme! Followed by a historic artisan workshop that produces copper artifacts, between tradition and family continuity. Then an extraordinary example of Renaissance architecture, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its historic fountains, pools, water features, a few kilometers from Rome: Villa d’Este. We then return to Paris to experience the magic of the “Ville Lumiere” between walks in the center, shopping and coffee break. The protagonist of this week’s ‘Top’ interview is Elisa Isoardi at the microphone of Greta Mauro. An appointment always at the top with Valeria Oppenheimer, Gloria Aura Bortolini, Marco Scorza, Mirko Gancitano, Elisa Scheffler, Elisa Silvestrin, Francesco Gasparri and Bianca Luna. of the economic boom: Arturo Brachetti, guest of “Petrarca”, the weekly of the Tg hosted by Elisabetta Terigi, on air tomorrow at 12.55 on Rai 3, makes it live again. The performer and transformer will present, among other things, his latest work – “The diary of a snobbish lady” – in which she gives a new voice, in an audio book, to Franca Valeri, whom Brachetti “meets” on tour with her “One man show”. Still on the subject of transformations, Andrea Marotta, at Lucca Comics, meets the people of Cosplayers, comic fans who wear the costumes of their heroes, interpreting their way of acting. In the unusual location of the Torture Museum in Naples, Claudio Ciccarone is revealed by the writer Manlio Castagna the recipe for writing successful fantasy novels like his, while the pen and the imagination of the designer and painter Tullio Pericoli give life to the figures of “The Fasting” by Franz Kafka, an artistic adventure told by Antonio Sgobba. In the summary there is also Andrea Kerbaker’s “secret life of ghost books” and a report by Cristina Sanna Passino on a small Milanese library that keeps books considered “lost” safe.