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Lillo and Paolo Calabresi will be the protagonists of the “Dancer for a night” space in the new appointment with “Dancing with the Stars”, broadcast tomorrow at 20.35 on Rai1. The two actors, accompanied respectively by the dance teachers Ornella Boccafoschi and Sara Di Vaira, will take to the dance floor giving the viewers great emotions with an engaging choreography that they will have to learn in the course of a few hours. Their performance will be evaluated by the jury of experts in the studio and the total score will become a “bonus” that will be awarded to one of the competing couples. The couples who will compete for the opportunity to continue the “Dancing” challenge, demonstrating the progress achieved in Caribbean, standard and Latin American dances, are: Andrea Iannone – Lucrezia Lando; Arisa – Vito Coppola; Alvise Rigo – Tove Villfor; Bianca Gascoigne – Simone Di Pasquale; Federico Lauri – Anastasia Kuzmina; Memo Remigi – Maria Ermachkova; Morgan – Alessandra Tripoli; Sabrina Salerno – Samuel Peron; Valeria Fabrizi – Giordano Filippo. In the previous episode, the couple who just returned to the race, formed by Mietta and Maykel Fonts, were eliminated from the competition, but their “adventure” is not over yet.

In the second episode of the new season of “Sapiens”, tomorrow at 9.45 pm on Rai3, we will go with Mario Tozzi to the slopes of the Re di Pietra, the Monviso in Piedmont, to discover how the Alps are, in the final analysis, the backdrop of ancient oceans who have traveled tens of kilometers before getting into place, while with exciting videos, we will retrace the little-known story of the conquest of the highest and most iconic mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Looking at the continents from above, all appear marked by long and marked scars, those natural boundaries, boundaries of rock that with their heights can change the climate, modifying the path of the air currents. In ancient times, the mountains housed the gods, were sacred and inspired fear and awe, while, over the centuries, they have become a territory of discovery and challenge. The desire to go higher and higher, overcoming natural limits, has characterized and still characterizes the relationship between men and mountains. Furthermore, human-caused climate change also negatively affects their balance: overheating is one of the main causes of landslides and melting of glaciers, and increases the risk of losing precious resources for the life of Sapiens.

It is taken from one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies. It was commissioned by the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma to inaugurate the 2021/2022 season to one of the main living composers: Giorgio Battistelli. It is the work “Julius Caesar”, whose world premiere is proposed by Rai Cultura live / deferred tomorrow from 9.15 pm on Rai5. The tragedy in music on a libretto by Ian Burton is proposed in the staging of the great Canadian director Robert Carsen, Abbiati Award 2020, who has already directed Battistelli’s “Richard III”. At the helm of the Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is called its Musical Director Daniele Gatti. The vocal cast includes Clive Bayley (Julius Caesar / Julius Caesar’s Ghost), Elliot Madore (Brutus), Julian Hubbard (Cassius), Michael J. Scott (Casca), Scott Wilde (Decius / Dardanus / III Plebeo), Christopher Lemmings ( Cinna / Marullus / Clitus), Dominic Sedgwick (Antony), Alexander Sprague (Octavius), Ruxandra Donose (Calpurnia), Hugo Hymas (Lucius), Allen Boxer (Flavius ​​/ Metellus / Messala / II Plebeus), Christopher Gillett (Indovino / I Plebeus), Alessio Verna (Servant of Caesar / Tititnius / A Soldier) and Scott Wilde (Dardanus). The sets are by Radu Boruzescu, the costumes by Luis F. Carvalho and the lights by Robert Carsen and Peter Van Praet. As usual Roberto Gabbiani instructs the Theater Choir. Barbara Napolitano is the director of television.

On Rai4 ‘American Assassin’ – Premiere on Rai Gulp ‘The right to happiness’

Based on the novel of the same name by Vince Flynn, the action thriller “American Assassin” is proposed tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai4. The film tells the story of Mitch Rapp, who sees his future wife die under his eyes during a terrorist attack in Ibiza. After months of searching, Mitch manages to track down one of those responsible for the attack, but his revenge is stopped by the US special forces. The CIA decides to offer the boy the opportunity to be trained to join the Orion special team, which deals with international terrorism. Directed by Michael Cuesta, former director of the thriller “The Rules of the Game”, “American Assassin” features the interpretations of Michael Keaton, Dylan O’Brien, Taylor Kitsch and Scott Adkins. Afterwards, the third season of the crime series “Babylon Berlin” continues. Based on the novels by Volker Kutscher, the new season tells the investigation by Commissioner Gereon Rath into the murder of an actress, the protagonist of a great musical film that will mark the entrance of German cinema into the great season of sound works. The film is financed by some members of Berlin organized crime and the death of the actress raises the suspicion that someone is trying to sabotage the business of the bad.

The story of a friendship between different generations, different nationalities, different life experiences. The film “The right to happiness” tells it, premiered tomorrow at 20.40 on Rai Gulp, on the occasion of the World Day of Children and Adolescents. The opera, written and directed by Claudio Rossi Massimi, is interpreted by Remo Girone, Corrado Fortuna, Federico Perrotta, Pino Calabrese, Annamaria Fittipaldi, Lapo Braschi, Biagio Iacovelli, Valentina Olla and the little Didie Lorenz Tchumbu. Libero is a passionate used book seller and Essien is an immigrant boy who has been living in Italy for a few years. The friendship between the two passes through the books that Libero lends to Essien and the complicity between them grows parallel to the emotions that each of these novels can give. Essien meets the West through his literature, Libero fulfills the meaning of his name by trying to make Essien a free man. Life, with its commandments, will bring a melancholy ending, but nothing is lost where there is complicity and affection. The film delicately deals with highly topical social issues: reading, social and cultural integration, growth, friendship, love and health and teaches that nothing is lost in life as long as there is love. Shot during the second Covid wave, the film was presented in Rome on April 30th to coincide with the reopening of the cinemas.

700 years after the death of Dante Alighieri, the Friends of Music of Trapani pay homage to the Supreme Poet with a recital by the pianist Costantino Catena. It is the concert “Après une lecture du Dante”, recorded last March in the church of the College of Trapani, which Rai Cultura proposes tomorrow at 19.00 on Rai5. On the program, the compositions written by Franz Liszt in 1849 and inspired by Italian poetry and Dante in particular.

On Rai Movie the film ‘Dalida’ – On Rai2 ‘Il Provinciale’

The film “Dalida” will be the protagonist of Saturday 20 November, at 21.20, on Rai Movie (channel 24 of digital terrestrial). An Italian-French co-production that tells the life of the singer Dalida. A story taken from the memorial “Dalida-Monfrère, tu écriras mes mémoires” by Catherine Rihoit and Orlando. From his birth in Cairo to his success in the 1960s, from his love for Luigi Tenco to his death in 1987 in Paris after having sold more than one hundred and thirty million records all over the world. Sveva Alviti plays the charismatic singer, Riccardo Scamarcio is his brother Orlando and Alessandro Borghi plays the role of Luigi Tenco. Directed by Lisa Azuelos.

The program “Il Provinciale” reaches Salento, the heel of Italy and our country’s outpost towards the East, a precious casket of historical, architectural, anthropological and natural treasures. In tomorrow’s episode, starting at 2 pm on Rai2, the journey of Federico Quaranta, with his faithful “J” and Mia Canestrini winds through the Salento peninsula, in an intertwining of ancient traditions, mysterious places, ancestral rites and surprising performances by nature. A story that touches the history of peoples, religious syncretism, tarantism, pizzica, music, peasant food and the catastrophe of the olive trees caused by Xylella, with the collaboration of local interlocutors, first of all the Salento Sud Sound System, protagonists of the soundtrack of this episode.

The director Paolo Sorrentino has decided to present a preview in his city, Naples, “E ‘was the hand of God”, an intimate and personal film that tells his youth in an autobiographical way, between comedy and drama. At “Prima Fila”, the cultural weekly of Rai Radio1 hosted by Miriam Mauti, the opening tomorrow at 12.30 is dedicated to the film that has been designated to represent Italy in the race for the Oscar. The story is by the correspondent Antonio D’Olivo. Then, Zucchero Fornaciari’s new album, “Discover,” the first “cover” project in the artist’s career. Among the participations, those of Bono vox, Elisa and Mahmood, but there is also an unprecedented virtual duet with Fabrizio de André. The report is by Marcella Sullo. Finally, in 2022 it will be one hundred years since the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini. Director Ascanio Celestini wanted to pay homage to him with his “Pasolini Museum”, a new show that premiered at the Parco della Musica in Rome on 2 November, on the very day of the anniversary of the killing of the great artist and intellectual, in 1975. Antonella Chini interviewed Ascanio Celestini.