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Rai1 will re-propose tomorrow at 21.25 the episode of the series Once upon a time Vigata entitled “The hunting season” directed by Roan Johnson. The imaginative world of Vigata returns, born from the magical pen of Andrea Camilleri, which sees in the cast Francesco Scianna, Miriam Dalmazio, Tommaso Ragno, Ninni Bruschetta, Giorgio Marchesi, Alessio Vassallo and the participation of Donatella Finocchiaro. A long series of apparently accidental deaths upset the Peluso family, a noble lineage of landowners now in the odor of decay. The very rich and powerful lineage is progressively and mysteriously decimated with an impressive succession of dead that is very reminiscent of the prey in a hunting trip. A slaughter that curiously begins with the arrival in Vigata of the young pharmacist, Fofò La Matina, son of the “camperi” of the Marquises Peluso.

A new trip, this time on Lake Canterno, and the making of a short film. These are the commitments of the new week at “Il Collegio”, the docu-reality produced by Rai2 in collaboration with Banijay Italia and set in the 70s, broadcast tomorrow at 21.20. The students will compete to choose who will be the director, who the actors, and above all who will write the screenplay. The collegiate students will see the successful images of broadcasts such as “L’Altra Domenica”, an innovative program that was able to tell with its correspondents the nascent punk culture of the Ramones and the Sex Pistols. They will then learn the details on the reform of Italian family law, which in 1975 removed full parental responsibility from the figure of the father, giving the woman the opportunity to decide to adopt a patrimonial regime. They will also know when the age of majority passed from 21 to 18 years and will see the images of the occupations and those student assemblies full of exchanges of ideas and the passion that animated the students of ’77. Meanwhile, letters from family members will arrive and the hearts of some college students will ignite with affection and nostalgia for their loved ones: but not everyone will be like this, with someone annoyed by this news.

Three great Italian explorers, perhaps little known to the general public, but of absolute importance for the contribution they have made to knowledge in the geographical, scientific and humanistic fields, and to the cultural exchange between Italy and the rest of the world. Paolo Mieli rediscovers them in “The stories of the past and the present”, broadcast tomorrow at 1.15pm on Rai3 and at 8.30pm on Rai Storia. Together with Professor Giancarlo Monina, Mieli recalls the Risorgimento figure of the Marquis Orazio Antinori, traveler and one of the founders of the Italian Geographic Society, in 1876 at the head of the expedition that explores the region of the great lakes in the territories of Ethiopia. Then, in the company of Professor Francesco Perfetti, we will talk about the orientalist Giuseppe Tucci, “explorer of cultures” and in particular of the Indian one, a scholar close to the philosopher Giovanni Gentile, who will become a key man for the attempts of cultural and political penetration of Benito Mussolini in India since the mid-1920s. Finally, with Professor Isabella Insolvibile, an objective is on Umberto Nobile, aeronautical engineer, the man who in 1926 shared with the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen the merit of having made the first flight across the North Pole in an airship.

On Rai5 “50 springs”, on Rai Storia “Raphael’s Rome”

Aurore is 50 years old, separated, has just lost her job and learns that she will soon become a grandmother. In short, the company is kindly putting it on the sidelines. So, when Aurore finds by chance a youthful love she decides to resist, reject what fate is offering her and try to start a new life. This is Blandine Lenoir’s film “50 springs”, broadcast tomorrow at 9.15 pm on Rai5, without commercial breaks and available in the original language. Among the performers, Agnès Jaoui, Thibault de Montalembert, Pascale Arbillot, Sarah Suco, Lou Roy-Lecollinet.

Raphael’s life in his “Roman” period, from 1509 to 1520, the year of his death. The doc by Davide Savelli and Massimiliano Griner tells it, directed by Graziano Conversano, “La Roma di Raffaello”, broadcast tomorrow at 10.10pm on Rai Storia. Just like Raphael, the documentary “enters” Rome from Porta del Popolo and then revives his wonder at the vision of the ruins of ancient Rome, the enthusiasm for the first tasks assigned to him by Pope Julius II and the satisfaction for his career in constant ascent. An opportunity – with the help of art historians, such as Alessandro Zuccari; aesthetic theorists, such as Rodolfo Papa; and historians of the modern age, such as Anna Maria Visceglia – to describe the city of Rome at the beginning of the sixteenth century, the urban ferment of the time, the renewing ambitions of the popes, the struggles between aristocratic families and the emergence of new figure of bankers. And, as a final tribute, the documentary closes in front of Raphael’s tomb and the epitaph that his friend Pietro Bembo wrote for him, in Latin, summarizing his genius: “Nature itself, as long as it was alive, was afraid of to be defeated, and once dead, she feared she too would die ”.

Tomorrow, “La scuola in Tivù” – on Rai Scuola (channel 146) and RaiPlay – offers these lessons: 08.30 – French: “Le français pour les sciences”, held by Professor Marina Marino of the “Francesco Cecioni” Linguistic High School of Livorno ( reply at 16.30) 09.00 – Mathematics: “The scientific method / 2 Mathematics and reality”, with Professor Giulia Galli of the Enrico Fermi Scientific High School in Aversa and Professor Claudio Casali, retired teacher (reply at 17.00) 09.30 – Geography: ” The sea “, with Professor Thomas Gilardi of the” Marcelline Tommaseo “Institute in Milan (replica at 5.30 pm) 10.00 – Physical education:” Running, literature and sport “, with Professor Mario Bellucci of the” Farnesina “Liceo, Rome, and Valerio Piccioni, journalist of the “Gazzetta dello Sport” (replica at 18.00) 20.30 – Special Adult School – Ratios and proportions The lesson times are available at the link http://www.raiscuola.rai.it/articoli/la-scuola- lesson-times-on-tv / 45140 / defau lt.aspx, while the lessons divided by teaching unit are on https://www.raicultura.it/speciali/lascuolaintv/

On Rai Movie “Il ponte delle spie”, with the couple Tom Hanks-Steven Spielberg

Back to top Rai Movie “Il Vizio del cinema”, a cycle of films designed for true fans. Unmissable titles, including first visions, classics and rediscoveries. Tomorrow at 21.10, on channel 24 of digital terrestrial, the first appointment is with “The bridge of spies”, which sees the couple Tom Hanks-Steven Spielberg together again, to tell a story dating back to the very difficult period of the Cold War. The film is set in the 1960s, when Brooklyn lawyer James Donovan is hired to defend a Soviet spy, Rudolf Abel, in order to demonstrate how the United States has everyone’s best interests at heart. Despite the pressures received, Donovan manages to establish a correct relationship with his client and defends him in the best possible way, even going so far as to avoid the death penalty. The verdict, however, will cause many problems for the lawyer and his family. “Bridge of Spies” received six nominations at the 2016 Oscars and, in addition to Hanks, sees the presence of Mark Rylance, awarded as Best Supporting Actor.

What would extraterrestrials look like if they really existed? The Wonderland broadcast will try to answer this bizarre question in the new episode broadcast tomorrow at 11.40pm on Rai4 (digital terrestrial channel 21) and will do so together with the biologist, journalist and science writer Marco Ferrari. In his recent essay “How to build an alien. Hypothesis of extraterrestrial biology ”, Ferrari wonders precisely about the biology that a creature from another world could have. The point of view is strictly scientific, but for an alien biological mapping it is still impossible to neglect the cinematic and literary science fiction imagery. To begin with, a foray into the colorful world of Japanese comics with the “Manga Heroes” exhibition: from Osamu Tezuka to Pokemon, to which Wonderland dedicates the POP cover of this episode. From Astro Boy to the magical Sailor Moon and her Sailor warriors, passing through Yattaman, the Knights of the Zodiac and Tokyo Ghoul, the Steam Factory in Milan will host an exhibition entirely dedicated to the world of manga until January 2. Wonderland talked about this fantastic world with the editor, copywriter and DJ Jacopo Costa Buranelli. As always, the “pop” category together with the “cult” titles also make up the Wonder Parade, the ranking that closes each episode by reporting the top ten products of the week. Finally, the Rai4 magazine offers the original sounds of the Sound Invaders column, which this week focuses on the over-the-top personality of Caleb Landry Jones. Texan, born in 1989, Caleb Landry Jones is mainly known as an actor, who alternates blockbusters such as “X-Men: The Beginning” and “Finch” with auteur looks such as “Get Out”, “Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri” and “Nitram”, but he is also very active in the music field as a musician and singer. Wonderland will focus in particular on “The Loon”, the second single from his recent album “Gadzooks Vol. 1”.

We will talk about geometry in the episode of “La Banda dei Fuoriclasse” broadcast tomorrow, at 3.30 pm on Rai Gulp and RaiPlay. Agnese Sonato and Mario Acampa will help discover the geometry found in the natural elements that surround us, while the mathematician Giovanni Sebastiani will explain why the wheel is round. Jessica Redeghieri, in her space dedicated to the world of robotics, will explain how to program a humanoid robot, while prof. Enrico Galiano will address the intersection between poetry, numbers and history. The episode of “Operation Ouch” will show how the consequences of a bad dental accident are treated and will answer the question “why do we get goosebumps when we’re cold?”. Agnese Sonato will close the episode with a very funny experiment: snow in a jar.