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The designer who alone built a fashion empire: Fernanda Gattinoni – in the interpretation of Elisabetta De Palo “interviewed” by Elena Stancanelli – is the protagonist of “Il Segno delle Donne”, the docu-fiction co-produced by Rai Storia and Anele in broadcast tomorrow at 10.10 pm on Rai Storia. Born in the province of Varese, Fernanda Gattinoni perfected her interest in the design of tailored suits between London, Paris and Milan, before moving to Rome, where, with great courage and determination, at the end of the Second World War, she opened her first atelier going totally against the current, detaching itself definitively from the French fashion prevailing up to that moment and creating a completely Italian style. In the “Hollywood sul Tevere” the great designer, considered one of the first fashion creatives, collaborated with the greatest directors, dressing the great stars of international cinema, from Ingrid Bergman to Anna Magnani to Audrey Hepburn, with whom she made deep friendships. Elegance, dedication to work, generosity and humanity, are the qualities that made Madame Gattinoni – as she loved to be called – “a diva among the divas”, fixing the fashion house and her style unique to her in history. In the “impossible” interview with Elena Stancanelli, Fernanda Gattinoni-Elisabetta De Palo answers the questions of with words actually used by the stylist in letters, diaries, interviews with journalists and public speeches, brought to light by the authors, with the advice of the historian Silvia Save us. To retrace the stages of his life and his extraordinary career, the story is also enriched with unpublished images from the family archives, archive footage and illustrious witnesses, such as the President of the Maison Gattinoni Stefano Dominella, the stylist Guillermo Mariotto, the première atelier historian Maria Pellegrini, collaborator Patrizia Pizzicheria and fashion historian Sofia Gnoli.

Michael Portillo’s journey along the railway itineraries suggested by the Appleton’s Guide continues in Massachussetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut in “Next Stop America”, broadcast tomorrow at 8.15 pm on Rai 5. In the episode, Portillo stops in some fascinating towns once in the center of the whaling industry and today a destination for luxury tourism, such as Hyannis, Nantucket and Cape Cod.

Do you have a decision to make and you don’t know which is the right choice? Not sure whether to accept or decline a marriage proposal or a new job? Undecided on the name to give to your child? On air on Rai 2 tomorrow and Thursday 11 August in the late evening, “HELP – I have a doubt”, the new program conducted by Caterina Balivo that helps people make a decision regarding small or large doubts concerning their own life. Adaptation of the Anglo-Saxon format “What should I do?”, Produced in Italy by Fremantle, HELP – I have a doubt sees as protagonist a competitor of any age – but also a couple or a group of friends – who will express a doubt. Each member of the studio audience, led by Caterina Balivo, will have to vote via a remote control with only two options and decide which of the two they favor. The voting will take place several times during the story as the competitor’s story is explained with further details: the public, in fact, will be able to change their opinion until Caterina Balivo decides the time of the last vote. In support of the competitor’s story there will be video messages from friends, acquaintances and relatives interested in pushing a particular decision and the conductor will invite the public to comment and vote to find a solution to the proposed doubt. Furthermore, some protagonists will perform in performances to show the audience that they have enough talent to change their lives. The result of the last vote will sanction the decision that the competitor must respect. In the following episodes, the public will witness the development of the stories and decisions made. “HELP – I have a doubt” is always available on demand on RaiPlay. Directed by Sergio Colabona.

On Rai5 ‘Suburbicon’ – on Rai3 ‘Enemy aliens – Enemies in a foreign land’

The dark comedy “Suburbicon”, directed by George Clooney, with Matt Damon and Julianne Moore, is shown tomorrow at 9.15 pm on Rai 5. Suburbicon is the city of the American dream, a paradise of perfection and economic boom. The houses are colorful and perfectly aligned, the inhabitants polite and very religious. Among them is the Lodge family, consisting of Gardner Lodge (Matt Damon), little son, wife in a wheelchair and her near-twin sister, both played by Julianne Moore. One night two men attack the family and kill the paralyzed woman. It is only the beginning of a long series of violence, revenge and betrayal. The Lodges hide a terrible truth and perhaps no one in Suburbicon is truly innocent.

At the outbreak of the First World War, the question of foreigners residing in enemy land emerges, all those civilians originating from countries on the opposite side, who suddenly find themselves in the condition of Enemy Aliens: enemies in their homeland, subjects to beware of and, potentially, defend themselves. Professor Daniela Caglioti and Paolo Mieli talk about it at “Passato e Presente”, broadcast tomorrow at 1.15pm on Rai 3 and at 8.30pm on Rai Storia. To tackle this problem, both European and non-European states adopt a series of measures ranging from simple control, to confiscation of assets, up to detention and internment in special concentration camps. A practice that continues, taking on even more dramatic coercive forms, even in the Second World War, while efforts to approve a convention that will protect the Enemy Aliens from violence and persecution are in vain.

Le Comte Ory in the new production directed by Diego Matheuz with direction, sets and costumes by Hugo de Ana. The new staging of Otello under the direction of Yves Abel and the staging by Rosetta Cucchi. The closing concert of the billboard dedicated to Pier Luigi Pizzi. These are the commitments of the Rai National Symphony Orchestra at the 43rd edition of the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro, which takes place this year from tomorrow to 21 August and sees the Rai team once again engaged as the main orchestra. It opens with Le Comte Ory, starring the great tenor Juan Diego Flórez in the title role, flanked by Nahuel Di Pierro, Maria Kataeva, Andrzej Filończyk, Julie Fuchs, Monica Bacelli, Anna-Doris Capitelli and the Ventidio Basso Theater Choir . The performances are scheduled at the Vitrifrigo Arena on 9, 12, 16 and 19 August. The first is proposed, at 8.00 pm, live on Radio3 Rai. The show is filmed by Rai Cultura which will broadcast it on Rai5 on Thursday 13 October in prime time. Also at the Vitrifrigo Arena, the Rai Orchestra is the protagonist of Otello, with a cast formed by Enea Scala, Eleonora Buratto, Evgeny Stavinsky, Dmitry Korchak, Antonino Siragusa, Adriana Di Paola, Julian Henao Gonzalez and Antonio Garés, flanked by the Theater Choir Ventidio Basso. After the premiere on Thursday 11 August, broadcast live on Radio 3 Rai, reruns on 14, 17 and 20 of the month. The last commitment for the Rai National Symphony Orchestra is the celebratory Gala Between rondò and tournedos, which celebrates Pier Luigi Pizzi’s 40th birthday at the Rossini Opera Festival. The evening, again at the Vitrifrigo Arena, will see the great director, set designer and costume designer conversing on stage with Luigi Ferrari, in a staging curated by Massimo Gasparon. Diego Matheuz climbs again on the podium and the great voices of Vasilisa Berzhanskaya, Eleonora Buratto, Maria Laura Iacobellis, Aya Wakizono, Giorgio Caoduro, Nahuel Di Pierro, Dmitry Korchak, Giorgi Manoshvili and Matteo Roma are the protagonists, in addition to the Chorus of Ventidio Basso Theater. The show will be video-projected in Piazza del Popolo in collaboration with the Municipality of Pesaro.

On Rai5 ‘Tony Curtis’ – on Rai Storia ‘aCdC – Special Edition’ “Trapezium”, “Spartacus”, “The Boston strangler”, “Some like it hot”: Tony Curtis, the man who influenced Elvis Presley and James Dean, was one of the very first teenage idols and one of the last real movie stars. The life of Tony Curtis, from a childhood of hardship to fame and wealth, is at the center of the documentary proposed tomorrow at 19.20 on Rai 5. In the documentary there is no shortage of testimonies from his family, friends and co-stars of the actor such as Hugh Hefner, Harry Belafonte, Debbie Reynolds, Mamie Van Doren, Piper Laurie and Theresa Russell continue the journey into World History, in the company of Professor Alessandro Barbero and his answers to questions from the audience. In the second appointment with “aCdC – Special Edition”, broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia, the focus is on the great empires of ancient history, on their use of force and on the ability, real or presumed, to guarantee peace and stability to their subjects. Protagonists Cyrus the Great and Alexander the Great. Finally, there will be an in-depth study on Athenian democracy and on the questions regarding the effectiveness of its political order and the relationship between citizens and slaves. He was not simply a talented artist, but a unique author who captured the spirit of the time, without being a prisoner of his time. He didn’t speak of a generation, but he became the voice of a generation. The doc “The Bob Dylan Phenomenon” is dedicated to Bob Dylan, broadcast tomorrow at 22.55 on Rai 5, also available in the original language. Through live images, statements by the singer-songwriter and the stories of journalists, industry experts and musicians, Bob Dylan’s record and personal history is traced.