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The appointment with “Passage to the northwest” broadcast tomorrow at 15 on Rai 1, Alberto Angela is at the Museum of Criminal Anthropology of the University of Turin, to meet one of the most talked about scientists of the 19th century, who tried to give scientific basis for criminal behavior: Cesare Lombroso. The Museum exhibits a rich collection of anatomical preparations, drawings, photographs, collected for the studies of the well-known physician and anthropologist who was the founder of modern criminology. Focus also on gold, the most illustrious and coveted metal in the world. Demand continues to grow, yet according to experts, the fields have run out in recent years. As mining companies search for new veins that are ever deeper and therefore more and more expensive to exploit, unexpected deposits are being spotted such as sunken wrecks at the bottom of the oceans, with their precious cargoes of gold. We then continue to the south of Jordan, in the heart of the desert, where the spectacular city of Petra is located. Built more than 2,000 years ago, it preserves countless architectural treasures: colossal buildings carved into the cliffs, hundreds of tombs and temples. Petra, the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom, was a rich and prosperous city, yet it resides in the heart of a very inhospitable region. So why did the Nabataeans decide to build their capital there? And above all, how did they manage to transform this desert area into a luxurious city? It closes aboard the ship Tahit Nui as it explores the Austral Islands Archipelago, a group of remote islands where time seems to have stood still. On these lands, the lifestyle of the inhabitants has remained unchanged over time: from the cultivation of taro to traditional fishing, from women who braid their hair to stone lifters.

Claudio Baglioni is the super guest of Felicità, Pascal Vicedomini’s magazine broadcast on Rai 2 tomorrow at 12.00. After many years since the last meeting, Baglioni and Vicedomini meet in Lajatico (Pisa) on the occasion of Andrea Bocelli’s event at the Teatro del Silenzio. The popular Roman singer-songwriter is in great shape and draws a provisional balance of this season that has already seen him busy in theatrical performances and as many as 16 reruns in the Baths of Caracalla, the Greek Theater of Syracuse and the Arena of Verona. A friendly and sincere chat which shows Baglioni’s desire to boast for a long time and maybe even recover the charity event he promoted in the past in Lampedusa “O’scia ‘”. Among the other guests of the 11th episode, Matteo Bocelli and Veronica Berti protagonists of the summer of the Italian show in the world. And then Serena Autieri, met by Aurelio Trombetta in Positano; the choreographer Simone de Pasquale and the model Maylin Aguirre who find the former colleague of Felicità 2021 Francesca Tizzano. And also the president and Marevivo Rosalba Giugni who points out to Caterina Milicchio the problems that are plaguing marine fauna.

The second season of ‘The voice senior’ (in rerun) is back in prime time, after the success of audiences and critics, Tomorrow Rai1 proposes the talent show that rewards the most beautiful over 60 voices in the country. Eight episodes, conducted by Antonella Clerici. New entry of the cast compared to the first edition, Orietta Berti on the iconic armchairs together with Loredana Berté, Gigi D’Alessio and Clementino. The Voice Senior starts with six Blind Auditions, the “auditions in the dark”, a real figure of the program: the judges, from behind, will listen to the competitors without being able to see them. It will be only their voice that will have to win them over and, in that case, the coach will be able to turn around to win the competitor in the team. If more coaches turn around, however, the competitor will decide who to entrust their path to. At the end of the Blinds, in the Cut phase, the four coaches will be forced to select the twenty-four aspiring musical talents – six per team – who will pass to the Knock Out, the semi-final in which the talents of each team will compete against each other with their own horse. of battle. This time it will be the coach who will decide who to move forward in the race and only three competitors per team will access the spectacular Final, broadcast on Saturday 27 August. ‘The Voice Senior’ is produced in Italy for Fremantle by Marco Tombolini and is the son of The Voice, an international format created by John de Mol among the most viewed in the world. The Voice Senior is currently airing in sixteen countries and has already won over half a billion viewers worldwide. Directed by Sergio Colabona.

On Rai3 ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’ – on Rai1 ‘Linea Blu in Vulcano’ Last appointment with the “Dollar Trilogy” tomorrow at 20.30 on Rai 3, with the film “The good, the bad and the ugly” , for the cycle “Once upon a time Sergio Leone” dedicated to the great Italian director. A cycle on the most classic of genres – the western – and on the author who most of all broke the mold. The film, from 1966, stars Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, Lee van Cleef. Three unscrupulous men and ideals live on the edge of legality: Tuco “the ugly”, Joe the “good” and Sentence “the bad”. traces of a large quantity of gold hidden in a tomb by the fearsome Bill Carson. By a twist of fate, however, it is the good who find out what the name is written on the tomb and the bad who identify its location. Blue. Donatella Bianchi discovering Vulcano, the third largest island of the Aeolian Islands, but also the closest to Sicily. Vulcano, a patch of land to be discovered also for its jewels of the sea, a popular destination for those who love diving and are looking for an uncontaminated and rich marine life. The stretch of sea that surrounds the island is still prone to gas and fluid leaks, which sometimes yield spectacular postcards. Like last May, when a strong emission of gas containing sulfur colored the sea an intense white. The entire volcanic system of the island is constantly monitored by INGV experts, to protect the safety of tourists and swimmers. In this corner of paradise there is no shortage of gastronomic curiosities, which combine the agricultural vocation of the hinterland with seafood … Like every Saturday, to accompany Donatella Bianchi on her journey, there will be Fabio Gallo, this week, in Portopalo di Capo Sparrow on board, from sunset to dawn, of a fishing vessel for purse seine fishing with blue fish lampare, in the company of one of the oldest Sicilian fishing families. This and much more at Linea Bl, Saturday tomorrow at 14 on Rai 1. On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the death of Jules Massenet, Rai 5 proposes tomorrow at 19.00, the concert of the Osn from the Auditorium Rai Arturo Toscanini in Turin with the tenor Juan Diego Florez. Florez performs with a recital of Mozart and Rossini arias, pages from the French repertoire, Italian songs and arias from zarzuelas. On the podium the American conductor Christopher Franklin.

On Rai Storia ‘Author documentaries’ – on Rai5 Alessandro Preziosi and Cristoforo Colombo Ibrahim, Soliman, Manar and Altayeb are among the very few Sudanese to have had the opportunity to study cinema in the German Democratic Republic, in the USSR and in Egypt among the sixties and seventies. After fifteen years of exile, the four members of the Sudanese Film Group come together to realize their dream: to make cinema a reality again active in their country of origin and to allow all compatriots to see films. A project told by Suhaib Gasmelbari’s doc, “Talking about trees”, premiered tomorrow at 10.50 pm on Rai Storia. Their frantic search for images allows us to reconstruct a portrait of Sudan, a country made of beauty and horror at the same time. Filmmakers travel miles of road in a pickup truck to show films and inspire love for the big screen, but also to shoot and make films.

Alessandro Preziosi plays the role of Christopher Columbus in the musical comedy “Give me three caravels”, broadcast tomorrow at 9.15 pm on Rai 5. The show traces the events ranging from the first attempts to organize Columbus’s journey to the New World up to the moment which the three caravels finally set sail. The comedy, which debuted in 2005, is the chronicle of a dream that becomes reality, the story of a man alone against all who does not want to surrender to the prejudices typical of his time. And he fights until fate rewards his audacity. Text by Carmelo Pennisi and Massimiliano Durante, directed by David Scheinmann, music by Stefano Di Battista, choreography by Gloria Pomardi, sets by Riccardo Monti, costumes by Alessandro Lai, produced by Tommaso Mattei – Khorateatro Cagliari, 1940s. The young Annetta has inherited the secret art of her mother: she is the Accabadora, the one who dispenses a good death in the archaic Sardinian world. But the wind of social changes brought by the Second World War will make her overcome the stigma of her condition, through the path of love. It is “L’Accabadora”, the film based on the novel by Michela Murgia, directed by Enrico Pau, broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia for the “Cinema Italia” cycle. In the cast Donatella Finocchiaro, Barry Ward, Carolina Crescentini, Sara Serraiocco, Anita Kravos.