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‘Radio too’, hosted by Enrica Belli, aired on Tuesday 23 August on Rai Radio 1 from 7.30 to 9.30 opens with an evaluation on the lists just filed and more generally on the electoral campaign strategies of the various sides. Martina Carone, You trend, talks about it; Michele Ainis, constitutionalist; Marianna Aprile, journalist. From 8.30 the challenge on the economy and the anti-inflation recipes for growth and the fight against poverty are the topics on which Stefano Feltri, director of Domani will discuss; Carlo Cottarelli, economist, Pd candidate; Alessandra Todde, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Development and Vice President of the 5 Star Movement. In the third part we ask ourselves what future opens up for the company born from the ashes of Alitalia. In fact, for Ita the deadlines for the presentation of the acquisition projects have expired. Guests: Fabrizio Cuscito, national secretary of Filt-Cgil; Roberto Zucchetti, professor of economics at Bocconi University; Umberto Mancini, journalist of Il Messaggero.

The parties struggling with the final adjustments to the lists, the duels between the big candidates in the various colleges, the expensive energy and the risk of closure for companies, the difficulties of families struggling with the increases scheduled for September. These are the main themes of ‘Agorà Estate’ broadcast tomorrow, Tuesday 23 August, from 8 to 10 on Rai 3.

Filed lists of candidates, parties and coalitions focus on programs. But there is also the question of expensive energy. Themes at the center of Tg2 Post, hosted by Marco Sabene, broadcast today, Monday 22 August from 9.00 pm on Rai 2. Guests of the episode: Debora Serracchiani, Group Leader at the Chamber of the Democratic Party; Luca Ciriani, Group Leader in the Senate of the Brothers of Italy; Angelo Maria Perrino, Director of Affaritaliani.it. Giorgia Rombolà’s guests are: Emma Bonino, + Europa; Riccardo Molinari, Lega; Enzo Amendola, Undersecretary of European Affairs – PD; Elisabetta Gardini, Brothers of Italy; Marco Damilano, journalist; Pietro Senaldi, co-director Libero; Davide Giacalone, editorial director of La Ragione; Claudia Fusani, Tiscali.it; Stefano Basseghini, president of Arera; Ivano Vacondio, president of Federalimentari; Rosario Trefiletti, president of the Italian chain.

History from the World on Rai Storia, on Rai 3 Past and Present ‘says’ Danilo Dolci,’ Sin. The fury of Michelangelo ‘on Rai 5.

From the Viking epic to the founding of Russia, from the expansion of the Serenissima Republic of Venice to the Ottoman capture of Constantinople, up to the Renaissance. Topics addressed by Professor Alessandro Barbero in the new appointment with the ‘History of the World’, broadcast on Tuesday 23 August at 21.10 for ‘aCdC’ on Rai Storia. In addition to introducing the various eras of history, reconstructed through in-depth films, Professor Barbero also answers the numerous questions sent by viewers.

Danilo Dolci, born in 1924, sociologist, writer, educator and civil rights activist, in 1952 he moved from northern Italy to Sicily and settled in Trappeto, a seaside village between Palermo and Trapani, where he lived for short periods as a boy. following his father railwayman. Northwestern Sicily in those years was one of the most depressed areas in Italy. Dolci stands out for his battles and his original non-violent methods, which earned him the nickname of ‘Gandhi of Sicily’, as well as the support of many Italian and international intellectuals, artists, writers in the 1960s. At ‘Passato e Presente’, broadcast on Tuesday 23 August at 1.15 pm on Rai 3 and at 8.30 pm on Rai Storia, Paolo Mieli and Professor Agostino Giovagnoli retrace his life and thoughts. The ‘reverse strike’, during which the unemployed work, restoring an abandoned street; the battle for the construction of the dam on the Jato river and the sensational denunciation, through Radio Sicilia Libera, of the delays in the reconstruction of the Belìce after the earthquake, are just some of the initiatives that have made it famous, often leading it to clash with the interests of the mafia and to undergo arrests, investigations, complaints. A great supporter of the value of culture in the fight against crime, he founded the Educational Center of Mirto, in Partinico, one of the best experimental school experiences ever born in Italy.

The restless genius of Michelangelo struggling with two great works commissioned by rival patrons, the Medici and the Della Rovere: the director Andrey Konchalovskiy revives it in the film ‘Sin. Michelangelo’s furore ‘, broadcast on Tuesday 23 August at 9.15 pm on Rai 5. A realistic fresco of the Renaissance and a portrait in flesh and blood of an artist with dirty hands and nails broken by work, ambitious and shrewd, always poised between divine grace and the desire to excel that stops at nothing. In the cast, Alberto Testone, Jakob Diehl, Francesco Gaudiello, Federico Vanni, Glen Blackhall.

Royals at war on Rai Storia, on Rai 5 the parable of Jaco Pastorius is Chinese collectors. The Power of Art ‘

The strategies used by the royal families of Europe from 1918 until the Second World War in the face of increasingly powerful nationalist parties. United by family ties, they witnessed the rise to power of fascism and Nazism and found themselves, voluntarily and unwittingly, at the center of Hitler’s political plots. ‘Reali in guerra’, broadcast from Tuesday 23 August at 10.10 pm on Rai Storia, tells in two episodes the ambiguous and difficult relationships of the various families with these regimes. After a long procrastination, when war broke out, each royal family had to make a decisive decision for their country: resist or cooperate.

The short and luminous parable of Jaco Pastorius: it is retraced by the doc produced by Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, directed by Stephen Kijak, ‘Jaco, The Film’, broadcast on Tuesday 23 August at 11.30pm on Rai 5. The debut of Pastorius, in 1976 represented a turning point for modern jazz. As a soloist and together with Weather Report, he was an undisputed virtuoso. He has inspired, and continues to inspire, every musician who tries his hand at his instrument: ‘I know of people who purposely broke their bones in order to bend their thumbs back like Jaco’, musician Randy Emerick will say of him. A violent and premature death, however, broke his life and career forever. The film collects unreleased material and the testimonies of Sting, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Joni Mitchell, Bootsy Collins, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter.

An exclusive look at the world of Chinese billionaires who for the first time open their doors to a Western troupe: it is proposed by ‘Chinese collectors. The power of art ‘, a Zero one film production in co-production with Radio Bremen and Arte, broadcast on Tuesday 23 August at 19.20 on Rai 5 for “Art Night”. Director and art historian Grit Lederer, along with journalist, sinologist and art historian Minh An Szabó de Bucs, present China’s most prominent, influential and innovative art collectors, including Adrian Cheng, founder of the K shopping center 11 Art of Hong Kong, which collaborates with the Pompidou Center and the Museum of Modern Art. Chinese collectors spend millions of dollars in the United States on works by Picasso, Modigliani, van Gogh or the French Impressionists. In addition, they are building private museums for their art treasures in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other expanding metropolises: new museums with tens of thousands of square meters, one larger than the other. At the same time, they are bidding on Chinese imperial artifacts and presenting them as trophies. The recovery of imperial cultural treasures from abroad plays an important role for the so-called super collectors: the fiscal and economic advantages can be a motivation; but above all they are driven by patriotism and the desire to lead the Chinese people to recover their cultural identity. With the help of auctions, private purchase agreements, wealthy private collectors collaborate with state institutions on a mission to bring imperial artifacts back to China.