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Back, for the fifth year, the appointment on Rai1 with “Prodigi – La musica è vita”, the first evening dedicated to talent and solidarity created in collaboration with Unicef ​​and Endemol Shine Italy. The conduct of this edition, broadcast tomorrow at 21.20, from Teatro 1 of Cinecittà World, will be by Serena Autieri, already at the helm of the fourth edition, and by Gabriele Corsi. The protagonists of the evening will be, also on this occasion, nine young talents in dance, singing and music, between 10 and 16 years, accompanied in their performances by the youth orchestra “Sesto Armonico”, directed by Maestro Matteo Parmeggiani. The performance of the young artists will be judged by a jury made up of six celebrities from the world of entertainment and art: Malika Ayane and the Unicef ​​Italia Goodwill Ambassador Peppe Vessicchio for singing, Ermal Meta and Laura Marzadori, first violin of the Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, for music, and Samantha Togni and Luciano Cannito for dance. Guest star of the jury, in addition, a special friend of Prodigi, Flavio Insinna, already presenter of the previous editions of the program. They, the jurors, will elect the three finalists for each category – music, dance, singing -, while the overall winner, who will receive a scholarship offered by Unicef ​​Italy, will be elected by the technical jury, made up of one hundred experts. in the field of the three categories. The award was presented by Carmela Pace, President of Unicef ​​Italy, who will also commemorate the 75th anniversary of the birth of Unicef.

The stories of the boys locked up in the juvenile detention institute are back, told in the series “Mare fuori”, whose second season will be broadcast in six evenings from tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai2. The first two episodes are already available in preview on RaiPlay. In these episodes, each prisoner will find himself in front of his family, like a mirror, and will be asked to make a choice: follow in their footsteps or deny them? New characters will join the Institute, such as Kubra, a girl of Nigerian origins guilty of matricide; or Sasa, a boy arrested for rape, a crime he is convinced he has not committed. Meanwhile, outside the walls, an investigation is being carried out to find the real perpetrators of the crimes committed by the young detainees. In the cast of the series: Carolina Crescentini, Carmine Recano, Valentina Romani, Nicolas Maupas, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Vincenzo Ferrera, Antonio De Matteo and Anna Ammirati. In the first episode, entitled “The family that will come”, Carmine is suspended between life and death, but Nina does not give up, convinced that to have a future it is necessary to create it. Massimo (Carmine Recano), crushed by a sense of guilt, decides to leave his post as commander and Paola, the director of the Institute played by Carolina Crescentini, finds herself alone facing the boys after Ciro’s death and wants to transfer Filippo Ferrari in order to avoid tragic consequences. To compromise the fragile balance the return of an old acquaintance. Following, in the episode “In joy and pain”, Sasà, a boy from Napoli well, enters the institute for a crime that is not revealed and becomes a new target. Naditza is about to leave and Filippo convinces his parents to host her in Milan. ‘O Chiattillo, however, is in the sights of Pirucchio who wants to avenge Ciro. Carmine comes out of the coma and marries Nina under protection, with Filippo as a witness, while the Di Salvo are not invited. Destiny will then present the bill. The soundtrack of the second season of “Mare Fuori”, produced and distributed by RaiCom is once again signed by Stefano Lentini and sees the continued collaboration with Raiz, in the song “Amore che fa male”, and with Matteo Paolillo, author of ” Sangue Nero ”, with the voices of two young actors and protagonists of the series: Cardiotrap (Domenico Cuomo) and Gemma (Serena Codato). “Mare fuori – Second season”, a co-production of Rai Fiction and Picomedia. Director: Milena Cocozza and Ivan Silvestrini. From an original idea by Cristiana Farina. Screenplay: Maurizio Careddu, Cristiana Farina, Luca Monesi. Produced by Roberto Sessa.

Tomorrow at 9.20 pm on Rai3 ‘Who has seen it’. Always alongside the families of the disappeared in search of answers that can lead to the truth … Cases of disappearance, cold cases and mysteries to be solved also with the help of viewers. With an eye always attentive to current events. Space for updates and major inquiries, stories of teenagers fleeing their families, lonely elderly people, abused women.

On Rai Movie ‘Males against females’

The Alien Invasion cycle dedicated to the cult of science fiction cinema that deals with the theme of alien invasion continues on Rai4 (channel 21 of digital terrestrial). Tomorrow at 9.20 pm will be the turn of the acclaimed horror film “Sputnik” by new director Egor Abramenko. The story is set in Russia in the early 1980s. The space race that characterized the Cold War is completed by a space mission from which a single cosmonaut comes to life. Under close observation at a military base, the man reveals that he is the vehicle of an alien parasite capable of escaping from his body. To try to reconstruct the events that led to this close encounter, the young psychiatrist Tatyana Klimova is summoned. Among the peaks of the recent renaissance of Russian fantastic cinema, Sputnik had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and won the Asteroide Award in the 2020 edition of the Trieste Science + Fiction Film Festival.

A four-part series on the birth and evolution of a genre that nowadays transcends any color, culture and social class. It is the “Hip Hop Evolution” series, broadcast from tomorrow at 11.00 pm on Rai5. The narrator, as well as interviewer of the numerous guests, is the rapper and producer Shade. Among the protagonists of the series, the pioneers of the past and the protagonists of the present: DJ Kool Herc, Coke La Rock, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, the Run DMC, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg. “Hip Hop Evolution” is not just the story of a musical genre, but of a real social phenomenon that was born at the end of the 70s in the “projects” – or in the black ghettos of the Bronx – as a new cultural space to manifest and give substance to the dream of social redemption, freedom, progress. Its pervasiveness, longevity and popularity are a “Sign of The Times” – to quote Prince – not to be underestimated. The first episode tells the origins of the genre. The history of Hip Hop sees its dawn during the first parties in a Bronx apartment, of the legendary DJ Kool Herc, who begins to entertain his neighborhood in a decidedly unusual way for the time: in an era in which to depopulate is dance music, at the end of the 70s, the dj begins to propose R&B and funky music dj sets. Often, accompanied by “entertainers” who held the microphone on the bases played by the DJ. All without interruption, creating a continuous musical flow. It is the birth of “djing” as we know it today and of MCs: rappers.

An early evening dedicated to comedy tomorrow on Rai Movie (digital terrestrial channel 24) which at 21.10 broadcasts “Males against females”, a film directed by Fausto Brizzi with Paola Cortellesi, Fabio De Luigi, Francesco Pannofino, Carla Signoris, Alessandro Preziosi, Lucia Ocone, Nicolas Vaporidis, Chiara Francini and Paolo Ruffini. The protagonist is the eternal clash between the female and male universe, told through the stories of four couples whose stories and vicissitudes are intertwined. The film won the Diamanti al Cinema award at the 2011 Venice Film Festival in the Best Direction category and two Silver Ribbons for Best Actress in a Leading Role to Paola Cortellesi and Best Comedy. This will be followed by “MovieMag”, a new episode of the Rai Movie cinema information magazine conducted by Alberto Farina.

Biagio Agnes told by “Storie della TV”, with the advice and participation of Aldo Grasso

Long-time journalist and television executive, Biagio Agnes has linked his name to a crucial season of Rai. A character told by “Storie della TV”, with the advice and participation of Aldo Grasso, broadcast tomorrow at 10.10pm on Rai Storia. Agnes revolutionized the language of the news (with the 13:00 TV news), created regional newspapers (she was director of the nascent Terza Rete), created numerous television programs (“Check up”, one above all) and led the Rai degli 1980s, that of the television duopoly and competition with private networks, as general manager, finally contributing to the construction of the Saxa Rubra headquarters, now named after him.

Third meeting with Maestro Riccardo Muti, one of the greatest conductors in the world, who guides the television audience to discover the background of Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida in “Muti prova Aida”, the new Rai Cultura program in eight episodes . In the fifth and sixth rounds, broadcast tomorrow at 9.15 pm in first viewing on Rai5, Muti investigates the key themes and moments of the great Verdi drama, famous among the general public also for its monumental triumphal march.

There is talk of maneuvering, banks and cryptocurrencies in the episode of “Restart – Italy starts again from you” broadcast tomorrow at 11.30pm on Rai2. The vice-president of the Pd Giuseppe Provenzano, the president of Aspen Institute Giulio Tremonti, Pierpaolo Bombardieri, secretary general of the UIL, and the sociologist Domenico De Masi will take stock of taxes and employment, between citizenship income, industrial crises and the related relocations that are putting many jobs at risk. The Mayor of Siena Luigi De Mossi, the President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani, Sergio Rizzo Deputy Director of La Repubblica, and Marina Brogi, Professor of International Banking at La Sapienza University will then discuss the long crisis of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena and its latest developments, while Carlo D’Ippoliti, professor of Economics at La Sapienza University and man of the numbers of “Restart”, will analyze the state of health of our banks. A focus on cryptocurrencies will follow with Consob president Paolo Savona. In his column “Quirinal Novel” the columnist of the Corriere della Sera Aldo Cazzullo will therefore continue to decipher the political moves in view of the election of the President of the Republic, while in his “Economic Agenda” of the coming week the director of the AGI Mario Sechi will anticipate the Italian and international strategic appointments.