Raid against Houthis in Yemen, Chigi sources: “Italy was not asked to participate”

Tajani: “Italy did not participate in the raids, it cannot be done without debate in Parliament”

Of the raid against Houthi positions in Yemen Italy “was warned by the allies several hours in advance, but was not asked to take part in the military operation”. Sources at Palazzo Chigi point this out, explaining that the statement put in black and white was submitted to Rome to give the ‘start’ to the attack launched by the USA and Great Britain after the militiamen supported by Iran defied the warning not to continue their raids in the Red Sea, but Italy chose not to sign up to it. Rome – operating in the Atalanta mission with one of its frigates – continues to work to keep tension in the Red Sea low and is involved in the European coalition to guarantee the free movement of ships, the same sources point out.

”We were informed by the United States several hours in advance of tonight’s attack” against the Houthis in Yemen, but ”‘Italy did not participate in this attack because we cannot carry out war actions without a debate in Parliament”, explained the deputy prime minister and foreign minister, Antonio Tajani, in a press point in Rimini, underlining Italy’s ”political support for this action which is to defend international maritime traffic”. ”We have signed a document in favor of freedom of navigation”, Tajani recalled, adding that ”we are fighting politically for free maritime circulation”.

US sources: “Countries consulted for raids? We do not reveal our operational contacts”

To those who asked him whether Washington asked other countries to actually participate in the raids in Yemen last night and only the UK agreed, a Biden administration official responded: “We will not disclose all the operational consultations we have conducted with a range of partners and allies.”

“The list of countries that were involved and participated in the raids is public,” he added, referring to the fact that Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and Bahrain gave “non-operational support” to the raids. “But, other than that, I won’t talk about other countries that we consulted,” she then reiterated. “But you will see, and I think you have already seen, the broad support given to the action by countries around the world,” she concluded.