Raid at Kabul airport, no sanctions for the US military involved

A decision destined to cause discussion. No US military involved in the drone strike that killed 10 civilians in Kabul during the US withdrawal will be punished after Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin approved the recommendations of two senior commanders. This was revealed by the New York Times.

The Kabul attack

The attack, in which seven children died, was defined by the Pentagon as a “tragic mistake”: it was thought that the target was an ISIS kamikaze ready to carry out an attack on US forces. An internal investigation by the inspector general concluded that it was not caused by criminal negligence, but by a series of errors in the execution and interpretation of the information, leaving however the final decision on possible sanctions at the top of the defense. Austin entrusted the final word on the matter to two senior commanders, gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie, chief of central command, and Gen. Richard D. Clarke, chief of special operations commando, who have now ruled out provisions. The raid took place during the chaotic evacuation of US troops from Afghanistan, in days of enormous tension because only a few days earlier a kamikaze had blown himself up outside the Hamid Karzai international airport, causing the death of 13 Marines and at least 170 Afghans.