Raimondo Todaro, bad blow for him: he did not expect something like this

Bad blow for Amici’s dance teacher Raimondo Todaro: the jab comes from an old acquaintance of his from Dancing with the stars.

For a good 16 years we have been circling on the stage of dancing with the Stars delighting the public with the great talent that has accompanied him since childhood and which has allowed him to win 18 championships. About a year ago, however, the twist came: Raimondo Todaro he left the broadcast of Milly Carlucci which he had landed on as soon as he came of age and became a teacher of Friends.

Raimondo Todaro stinging statements (Credits: Witty Tv)

The talent led by Maria De Filippi has long included his wife among his professional dancers Francesca Touch, with whom the 35-year-old from Catania was reconciled in July 2021 after a separation of about two years. Recently interviewed by Lorella Cuccarini in her program A coffee with, Todaro had explained what was the main difference between De Filippi and Carlucci. With the latter, among other things, relations have cooled down a bit following the abandonment of Dancing by Raimondo.

“Milly is someone who wants to be in control of everything. Milly goes into the wigs room to see everyone’s hair and she almost tells you what panties to wear. While Maria gives you a lot of carte blanche ”, the dance teacher at Cuccarini had said. He then also underlined what makes the two presenters similar: “Milly, she is like Maria, she is a workaholic. They have in common a passion for the work they do “.

Evidently, however, these words did not go down to another historical face of Dancing with the stars. In an interview granted to the weekly Myin fact, the answer to vitriol for the professional dancer was not long in coming.

Raimondo Todaro, the ‘stiletto’ from Ballando arrives: bad blow for the dancer

Another of the characters who in recent years have played an important role on the Rai Uno Saturday night show spoke on the pages of the magazine My regarding Todaro’s statements. It is about Guillermo Mariottopresent in the cast of the broadcast since the first edition back in 2005.

The Venezuelan designer explained that, being the daughter of a general, it is natural that Milly Carlucci is inclined to control everything and leave nothing for events: “She works disproportionately, she pays attention to every little detail. How can she weigh you? On the contrary, she is reassuring ”.

Mariotto, whose ‘stilettate’ are now famous, did not spare the former colleague the final thrust: “When he left the scene no one noticed it”, he said plainly. “The program is filled with many things and this shows that we are all useful but no one is indispensable”. Not only that: The judge also added that, perhaps, it was the master’s entrance Vito Coppola to make his absence even less felt.

Raimondo Todaro bad blow
Raimondo Todaro, twist (Credits: Youtube)

How will Raimondo Todaro react to these ‘sharp’ declarations?