Rain and hail in the north, hot in the south: Italy weather forecast

Sunny on weekends, but watch out for thunderstorms

The rain returns with the risk of hail, with a worsening of the weather in Italy that fits into the variegated picture of Europe. The north-western sector has been hit for days by cyclone Peggy, in Italy for now there is a tail of summer with 37-38 ° C in the south and 33 ° C also in Rome. On Eastern Europe, on the other hand, it seems to be already in November with highs of 10 ° C in Moscow and anomalies of -8 / -9 ° C compared to the climate of the period, from Poland to Ukraine.

In this context, the Italian weather in the next few days will be governed by the ‘lazy decision’ of the Irish cyclone (Peggy) to move east: after almost a week the minimum of low pressure will move very slowly towards Denmark, following the lowering of the Current in Getto up to the Alpine regions.

The Jet Current, that is the wind at about 10,000 meters above sea level, will therefore favor a significant deterioration in Northern Italy with thunderstorms and hail risk. We will also have an intensification of the wind on the ground in particular between Liguria, Tuscany and the Apennine regions between Thursday evening and Friday.

Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site www.iLMeteo.it, confirms the passage of a disturbed system over Northern Italy which will marginally lead to a rapid deterioration also in the Center and, in places, in the South. Jet and the transit of Cyclone Peggy over Northern Europe will slightly move the weather situation in our country: showers are expected in the next few hours on the Alps and Prealps in local descent towards the adjacent plains, the passage of the front on Thursday with thunderstorms in the Center-North moving from West to East and sometimes tense wind; a gradual improvement will follow from Friday but with a still sustained western ventilation at times.

And what will the weekend be like? At the moment the forecast indicates a mostly sunny weekend; but in recent days in some areas, our country is also experiencing a month of September typical of a half season (i.e. a half season between summer and autumn): half season means that suddenly a thunderstorm could arrive on Saturday than Sunday, with the possibility of short-term phenomena.

The heat in the far south has been going on for days and could see a new and further African intensification from next week: the mid-seasons have not yet arrived in the far south.

Weather forecast:

Wednesday 7th September.

In the north: pressure decreasing, after a sunnier morning it gets worse with thunderstorms on the Alps, Prealps and then flat areas, first in the west then also in the east. In the center: initially sunny everywhere, rains possible from the afternoon on Tuscany and Lazio.

In the south: good weather, sunny and very hot during the day.

Thursday 8th September.

In the north: rains and thunderstorms

moving from west to east. Center: scattered showers, even intense, especially on the Tyrrhenian side. In the south: sunny and very hot, showers are not excluded between Campania, Basilicata and northern Puglia.

Friday 9 September.

In the North: gradual improvement starting from the Northwest, still unstable in the Northeast. In the center: rainy and windier at times.

In the south: sunny and very hot up to 40 ° C in Sicily.

Trend: Sunny weekend except for a few short showers.