Rain and snow after Christmas, then boom temperatures: that’s where

Still bad weather at the beginning of the week, but the weather picture is starting to change

First the bad weather with snow and rain, then the increase in temperatures. After Christmas, a new wave with rain and, on Monday 27 December, also the risk of snow. Then, however, the weather picture will change radically as we get closer to the end of the year.

During Monday 27 December, highlights ilmeteo.it, a cyclonic vortex driven by very humid and unstable currents of Atlantic origin will make its peremptory entry into the heart of the Mediterranean. Subsequently, this depression will deepen on the Tyrrhenian Sea triggering a phase of bad weather, also due to the strong thermal contrasts that will be created. Heavy rains were therefore expected starting from the north-western regions and then extending to the rest of the country with the exception of the extreme north-east.

Attention in particular to Liguria and Tyrrhenian regions where we do not exclude the risk of strong thunderstorms accompanied by intense gusts of wind, with the Libeccio that will blow at over 50 km / h along the coasts of Tuscany, Lazio and Campania. Snow will also return on the Alps with flakes starting from 1000 meters of altitude in the main ski resorts of Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont and western Lombardy.

On Tuesday 28 December, the cyclonic vortex will still make its effects felt, especially in the South where new rains will be possible, even thunderstorms with snow on the Apennines above 1600/1700 meters of altitude.

Then, during the second part of the week, especially from Wednesday 29 December, the news that emerges today concerns the sensational return of the African anticyclone which could affect the weather on Italy, giving greater atmospheric stability on most regions, even with maximum temperatures up to around 16/17 ° C especially in the cities of the Central South.