Rain and snow coming, the forecasts for Christmas and Boxing day

From 24 December a series of Atlantic disturbances will spoil the Christmas holidays

Bad weather ready to ruin the Christmas holidays over much of Italy. Stefano Ghetti, meteorologist of the site www.iLMeteo.it warns that from 24 December the winds will rotate from the southern quadrants heralding the arrival of the vanguard of the first perturbation that will begin to rain in Tuscany, then in the Northwest and then on the rest of the North. In this first phase, rainfall may be particularly intense on eastern Liguria and northern Tuscany.

Snow will fall on the Alps above approximately 1300 meters. On Christmas day the disturbance will continue its march on the rest of Italy affecting Lombardy and the Northeast with widespread rains, but focusing more on Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria with heavy rains and snowfalls on the Apennines over 1800 meters (on the Alps over 1300m ). On the day of Boxing Day, Sunday 26, the second disturbance will arrive with a great career, stronger than the first and which will dispense rains spread throughout the North and the Tyrrhenian regions. Precipitation may be strong on Liguria, Tuscany, Lazio and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Snow will fall heavily on the Alps above 1200-1300 meters, in the Apennines over 1600-1700 meters. And finally the third disturbance that will reach Italy on Monday 27 December with a new wave of bad weather. Temperatures, thanks to the milder southern winds, will begin to rise strongly, especially in the Center-South with maximum values ​​above 15-16 ° C in most of the regions.

Tuesday 21. In the north: cloudy or even foggy skies in the plains, more sun on the hills. Center: many clouds on the Tyrrhenian slopes. In the south: rains arriving on Cilento, many clouds elsewhere.

Wednesday 22. In the north: partly cloudy sky. In the center: scattered rains on the peninsular regions, more moderate on the Lazio coasts. In the south: some rain only in Calabria.

Thursday 23. In the north: often cloudy skies. In the center: many clouds, in the evening it gets worse over upper Tuscany. In the south: some rain on the Catania area.

From Friday 24 vanguard of a series of Atlantic perturbations that will spoil the Christmas holidays.