Rain and snow return, temperatures plummet: the weather forecast for today and tomorrow

What will the weather be like until Thursday 18th January?

Rain and snow are returning at low altitude, but temperatures will also plummet with the arrival of the arctic cold expected for next weekend. This the weather picture outlined by the experts with the forecasts for today, Tuesday 16 January, and tomorrow. In the meantime, however, in the Centre-South it is still time for mild days, with cities like Rome currently enjoying autumn temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees and the south which will even experience phases of anomalous heat before the arrival of frost.

The weather forecast, what the experts say

Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the website www.iLMeteo.it, confirms a very dynamic phase, with the influx of milder and more humid air from the west and light rains in the Centre-South; Subsequently, an intense disturbance will arrive on Wednesday 17th in the Centre-North followed by an Arctic thrust on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every day we will find a very rich and different weather menu.

Meanwhile, in the next few hours the mild breath of the Mediterranean will still blow across all the central-southern regions: for example in Rome we will always remain at autumn values ​​around 10°C minimum and 15°C maximum, even if light rains are expected in the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea and locally on the Adriatic side; in the North the situation will be stationary awaiting a rapid worsening.

The rapid worsening will arrive the following night and already on the morning of Wednesday 17 January the north-western regions and Upper Tuscany will enter a disturbed tunnel; at times this tunnel will be white with snow even at low altitude, in particular between Lower Piedmont, Piacentino, Parma and Upper Lombardy, even if the snow will mostly be confined to the central-eastern Alps above 500 metres. The heaviest rains are expected between Eastern Liguria and Upper Tuscany with possible river flood situations, also given the expected melting of the snow in the Apennines (at 1500 meters we will have highs of 5°C!).

On Thursday 18 January we will then experience a day of transition, still disturbed only in the Tyrrhenian regions: temperatures will reach the peak of the anomalously hot phase with 24°C in Syracuse, 21°C in Bari, Crotone and Messina, 20°C also widespread in Sardinia and up to 18°C ​​in Chieti on the Abruzzo hills.

But from Friday everything will change again: the most intense cold wave of the winter is expected with a gradual drop of 10-15 degrees almost everywhere by Sunday. In Sicily, in the city of Archimede (Syracuse), we will go from 24°C to 12-13°C in 48 hours. In Puglia, in Bari, from 21°C on Thursday we will drop to a maximum of 9°C on Saturday 20 January! On Friday, it is worth mentioning possible snow down to low altitude or on the plains between Emilia Romagna and the upper Adriatic side, under the blows of a raging Bora which will reach gusts of up to 120 km/h over the weekend.

In short, in summary, the week of January 15-21 will see weather changes on several occasions, we will experience three seasons in a few days: and be careful of any surprises for the beginning of next week when, after the passage of the Arctic frost, any mild disturbance in entry could bring snow to the plains even in the South.

The forecasts in detail

Tuesday 16. In the north: cloudy skies in the plains, sunnier in the Alps. In the centre: lots of clouds and fog in the valleys. In the south: some rain in Campania and Calabria.

Wednesday 17. In the north: bad weather with snow at 2-300 metres. In the center: bad weather in Tuscany, rain in Umbria and Lazio. In the south: a little unstable only in Campania.

Thursday 18. In the north: temporary improvement. In the center: bad weather on the Tyrrhenian Sea, anomalous heat on the Adriatic Sea. In the south: unstable weather with showers in Campania and upper Calabria, anomalous heat in Puglia and Sicily.

Trend: from Friday, an outbreak of arctic air, snow at low altitude and a temperature drop of up to 10-15°C.