Rain, wind and hail: two days of bad weather are coming

From the Triveneto to Puglia, and then also to Calabria and Sicily, it will seem to be in October

The weather in Italy is getting worse due to an autumn cyclone that will bring more than 100 mm of rain, thermal collapse and strong gale winds. The sea will become very rough or locally rough just when school ends and holidays for millions of Italians begin. Bad weather will be the protagonist for at least 2 days from North to South with thunderstorms and also the dangerous hail: but where does this break come from in the long period of domination of the African anticyclone Scipio?

The cause is to be found in the push towards the North of the cousin Anticiclone of the Azores, moving towards the British Isles. On the eastern flank of the upper Azores, a very rapid descent of maritime polar air from the North Sea towards Germany and the Balkans will be activated: in the night from the Bora Gate the cold and unstable currents have inflicted a decisive blow to the long hot and dry phase. Heavy rains are recorded from the Alps towards the North-East and the Adriatic regions with bad weather expanding towards the south. This is the Scandinavian invasion, of polar air that descends directly from the North Sea, from Denmark and which will form a 1002 hPa cyclone over Dalmatia

A cyclone that today and tomorrow will bring persistent rains on the Adriatic belt, reinforcing winds from the northern quadrants and many compact and pernicious clouds. Andrea Garbinato, Editor of the website www.iLMeteo.it, confirms that from the Triveneto to Puglia, and then also in Calabria and Sicily, it will seem to be in October; caution for more intense storm phenomena, also associated with hailstorms and gusts of wind, such as downbursts: these are gusts descending inside the cumulonimbus clouds and exiting the front in a horizontal direction, with speed peaks even higher than 100 km / h, not to be confused with tornadoes.

Maximum temperatures will drop today up to 18 ° C on the Triveneto, later also on the Adriatic belt where at most 22-23 ° C are expected with exceptional autumn values ​​even in Calabria where even locally we will not exceed 20 ° C along the coast. Against Milan, during this autumn break, will be one of the hottest cities in Italy with 29-30 ° C: in fact, in the north the improvement will be rather rapid with the arrival of Foehn winds, already in the course of the next few hours, which will sweep away the clouds and bring a significant warming to the North-West. For children who have already finished school and who dreamed of a nice swim in the sea, the appointment was postponed to Saturday with the return of good weather and sun throughout Italy.


Thursday 9. In the North: very unstable in the Northeast. Center: showers and thunderstorms on the Adriatic, Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio, sun in Sardinia. In the south: bad weather with showers and strong winds from the North-East.

Friday 10. In the north: sunny. In the center: heavy showers on the Adriatic, Umbria and east Lazio, strong wind from the North-East. In the south: bad weather with showers and strong winds from the North-East.

Saturday 11. In the north: sunny. Center: sunny. In the south: last accumulations on the lower Adriatic side, then improvement; cool and windy.

Trend. New expansion of the anticyclone with lots of sun and gradual return of the African heat, good sunny weather all over Italy.