Rain, wind and temperatures down: from Milan to Rome, weather forecast today and tomorrow

A new wave of bad weather is coming, here’s when and in which regions

After the last few mild days, the weather in Italy is definitely about to change starting today, Thursday 16 November. Rain, strong winds and a significant drop in temperatures will characterize the climate of our country. The high pressure will in fact migrate northwards, thus allowing the descent of a front of cold and unstable air connected to a cyclonic vortex. This cold front will then be felt especially starting tomorrow, Friday 17 November.

But who in particular will have to deal with the new wave of bad weather? From this evening scattered clouds will begin to arrive, especially in Valle d’Aosta, the western Alpine sectors of Piedmont and Upper Tuscany with some showers as we read on iLMeteo.it. A fast unstable phase will begin which will bring, tomorrow, some rain on the Tyrrhenian belt from Tuscany to Campania in the morning and then, from the afternoon, towards the middle Adriatic and a large part of the southern peninsula: these will not be intense phenomena, at most a a little annoying due to the wind which will quickly intensify. Strong gale force winds at over 80-90km/h, with storm gusts even exceeding 100km/h will hit many of our regions by the weekend.

And if clear skies return on Saturday, the thermometer will drop by 6-9 degrees in both minimum and maximum temperatures. On Saturday we will have a return to autumnal conditions, albeit with pleasant sunshine: in Milan we will touch zero in the morning and during the day we will remain around 10 degrees; in Rome up to 2 degrees minimum and 15 maximum. Sunday will also see brisk temperatures.

Today, Thursday 16 November – In the north: slightly cloudy, but overcast by evening. In the center: slightly cloudy, worsening from the evening/night. In the south: good weather and warmer than average for the period.

Tomorrow, Friday 17 November – In the north: mostly good, windy weather. Middle: occasional showers in the Apennines, windy. In the south: worse in the evening with some rain on the peninsulas, windy.

Saturday 18 November – In the north: sunny, cold in the morning. Middle: good weather, cold in the morning; windy on the Middle Adriatic. In the south: mostly good weather, strong winds.

Trend: sunny Sunday, cold in the morning and still windy during the day especially between Puglia and Calabria.