Ramon is Alessandra Celentano’s pupil: where he studied and what he did before joining Amici

Ramon Agnelli is the pupil chosen by Alessandra Celentano: do you know where she studied and what she did before arriving at Amici?

Amici di Maria De Filippi debuted with the twenty-second edition on September 18 on channel 5. The first episode, which also aired this year on Sunday, like the last edition, saw the arrival of several guests. Each one had a box with him and inside there were the jerseys to assign.

Friends, Ramon (credits: mediaset infinity)

Each dancer and singer was chosen by a teacher even if someone took the preference of two. This means that in the first week he had to decide which professor to start the talent path with. The teacher Alessandro Celentano, known to the public for being often very strict, has chosen three dancers: Ramon, Rita and Gianmarco. In these days she has had the opportunity to speak with them and to start lessons.

In the second episode he suspended the shirt to his classical dance student, Ramon, for some of his attitudes. In his opinion, the young man did not respect the decorum that must be had in a house, which is not his, and in the presence of cameras. In the studio he showed three photos. In the first he wore shorts that were criticized by the teacher so much that the production gave him a classic pajama; in the second Ramon had brought the microphone to his head to practice Latin steps and in the third he was making a face mask. Behaviors that according to Celentano are not in keeping with the talent. This is why he has decided to suspend his shirt. However, he received disagreement not only from the student himself but also from Lorella Cuccarini.

The dancer, everyone noticed as soon as he performed, has great talent and high potential. It is no coincidence that before joining he had many experiences around the world. Do you know where he studied and what he did?

Friends, where Ramon studied and what he did before entering the talent show

The new edition of Amici has started with great news. We immediately learned of the presence of two new professors. Anna Pettinelli will not be in the cast this year and Arisa has arrived in her place. The singer has already played this role in the twentieth edition. Last year she was absent, engaged in the path to Dancing with the stars. Path that saw her triumph.

Veronica Peparini is also not there and Emanuel Lo has arrived to replace her. The singing and dancing teachers made their preference regarding the choice of students in the very first episode. Alessandra Celentano has Rita, Gianmarco and Ramon in her team. In the second episode the teacher suspended the shirt from the latter. As stated, it is a kind of ‘punishment’. In fact, she showed three photos in the episode in which in her opinion, she shows that she does not respect the decorum that she must have because she is not at her house. The dancer in the first episode impressed the audience, he is really very good. But do you know where he studied and what he did before entering?

ramon friends
Friends, Ramon prima (credits: instagram)

Ramon Agnelli started working in the dance world as a kid. He attended the Marcelline Institute and the Ukrainian Academy of Ballet. Subsequently, in recent years, he has danced on some of the most important stages in the world, such as at the Arcimboldi Theater, at La Scala and at the Metropolitan. In addition, he also participated in the Prix De Lausanne, an international competition where he finished in the semifinals. Now ad Amici is ready to live a new important experience, to acquire new knowledge and to conquer us with his dance. Do you like the ballet dancer?