Ranieri at the Sistina: “For my dreams, a drawer is not enough, you need a wardrobe!”

The Neapolitan artist at the theater with ‘All dreams still in flight’ between singing and acting

“A drawer isn’t enough for me for my dreams: I need a wardrobe, and a big one too, with multiple doors.” This is what he ‘confesses’ Massimo Ranieriheard by AdnKronos in view of his debut at Sistina theater in Rome with the show ‘All dreams still flying’. “The phrase ‘I dream’ is not that different from the phrase ‘I am’… therefore, never stop dreaming!”, is the exhortation that the Neapolitan singer and actor addresses to his audience.

The show aims to be “a summary of everything that has happened in my 60-year career, starting from when I had to leave my family and my city, Naples“, to ‘transform’ the man Giovanni Calone into the artist Massimo Ranieri. “But one cannot exist without the other, indeed it is precisely the man who makes the artist live and not the other way around”, he assures. After over eight hundred reruns of ‘Sogno e son desto’, so here is another show with singing, acting, sketches and unpublished stories, including a monologue entitled ‘Heroes’ because, he explains to the public, “the heroes are you who left TV to go out and come here to the theater.”

His last participation in the Sanremo Festival it coincided with the awarding of the critics’ prize by the journalists in the press room for the interpretation of the song ‘Letter across the sea’. “It reminded me of my trip in 1964, when I too was an emigrant, in America at just 13 years old, but to sing. I always have great respect for all our fellow citizens who were forced to leave Italy, a problem now very relevant for those who face so many dangers in the Mediterranean”.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)