Ransom money after hacker attack, Ukrainian arrested in Fiumicino

The facts would have been committed in France between 2018 and 2021, the hearing for the extradition on May 9

Illegal access to a computer system, criminal conspiracy, computer fraud, money laundering. With these accusations she was arrested, on a European arrest warrant issued by the French authorities, one 33-year-old Ukrainian woman, stranded in recent days at Fiumicino airport just got off a flight from Istanbul. The facts alleged against the woman were committed in France between September 2018 and October 2021. Arrest that last April 26 was validated by the Rome Court of Appeal which has already set the hearing for the May 9 extradition.

According to the indictment, on January 24, 2019, a French company “was the subject of a large-scale cyber attack which affected its operations in several European countries. The attack was carried out using software cryptolock which was able to spread very quickly through the victim’s computer system. This necessitated the computer system being disconnected and spawned colossal damage, estimated at over 200 million euros”. A malware that according to what was reconstructed from the investigations “also affected several European victims and a Jit was created between four countries. The investigations concerned the payment of redemptions of over 8.5 million eurosto which the woman “former lover of one of the protagonists who died in circumstances that are not yet clear” would seem to currently have access.

The woman, defended by lawyers Andrea Coletta and Federico Olivo, at the time of the validation hearing, declared that she had “no points of reference in Italy, neither family nor logistical”. A circumstance that according to the judges of the Court of Appeal “precludes the possibility of considering any precautionary measure other than custody in prison suitable for ensuring the containment of the risk that the subject becomes untraceable to escape the proceedings”. And now the woman is waiting from the Civitavecchia prison for the hearing that she will decide on handing her over. “We are examining the documentation to evaluate the possibility of opposing extradition – lawyer Coletta tells Adnkronos – And in the meantime we have made a request to replace pre-trial detention in prison with home with the electronic bracelet”.