Raoul Bova, how it has changed from its beginnings to today: you will have a hard time believing it

How has Raoul Bova changed from the beginning to today? You will really have a hard time believing it’s really him: here he was almost 30 years ago.

Not only Don Matteo, but also Justice for all! In short, Raoul Bova it is definitely unstoppable this year, especially if we also consider the success achieved with Buongiorno mamma. To date he is a very famous and successful actor, but how it changed in the years.

How has Raoul Bova changed from the beginning to today? Credits: Instagram

Born in Rome in 1971, Raoul Bova began his professional career by completely moving away from the world of acting. After completing his studies and obtaining his diploma, in fact, the Roman actor began a sports career, managing to obtain truly impressive results. 1991, however, is the year of the turning point. The legendary Bova, in fact, makes his debut on the small screen. In 1992, however, he made his debut as an actor and, from that moment on, he never stopped. To date, as we said, Raoul is one of the most popular actors of the Italian show. But have you ever wondered how it changed? At the time of his acting debut, he was only 20, but what was he like? You will really have a hard time believing it’s him.

How has Raoul Bova changed from the beginning to today? The shot almost 30 years ago

The debut of Raoul Bova as an actor, as we said previously, he arrived in 1992. After making himself known to “Let’s bet…”, the young Roman begins to take his first steps in the world of acting, getting small parts in several films. It is only in 1993, however, that Carlo Vanzina gives him the opportunity to break through in the true sense of the word as the main protagonist. At the time Raoul was only 22 years old, yet he wore the shoes of Marco to perfection, a young surf teacher who does everything to win over the princess. We are talking about the film “This little big love”, do you remember?

Almost 30 years have passed since Raoul Bova’s debut as main actor, but what was it like in those years? We managed to track down a small frame of a cult scene from the film. Here it is:

raoul bova how he has changed
Credits: Youtube

In short, about 30 years will have passed since this debut, but it is clear that Raoul Bova has not changed at all over the years. It is true that here he was just a kid, but all in all he is always the same. Don’t you think?