Raoul Bova, what is his educational qualification and what he did before success

Do you know what Raoul Bova’s qualification is and what he did before his incredible success? Not everyone would have said that.

The episode of There is mail for you which will be broadcast today, Saturday 26 February, will be a decidedly unmissable episode. In addition to Francesco Totti, he will also be there to make this new appointment of the Maria De Filippi people show unique and special: Raoul Bova!

What is Raoul Bova’s educational qualification? Photo source: instagram

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If you have also followed the last episode of There is mail for you, you will surely remember that Raoul Bova has already been called into question in the Maria De Filippi people show by Pio and Amedeo. This time, however, the beloved Roman actor will be in the live television studio. And, as usual, he will be the protagonist of an exciting story. Waiting to see him up close, we are ready to reveal everything about him. We know very well that his career is truly immense, but you know what his is educational qualification? And, above all, before he became very famous thanks to his acting skills, what kind of job did you do? Let’s find out everything about him together.

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Raoul Bova, what is your educational qualification?

Although he is beloved and super famous, we are sure that you do not know everything about him. For example, do you know what the educational qualification Raoul Bova? No? Well, we figured it! Therefore, our article is aimed at all of you.

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Born in Rome on August 14, 1971, he completed his studies at the Liceo Magistrale Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Taking a look at the school’s official website, it would seem that the Institute nowadays has three addresses: humanities and languages. Therefore, we do not know which course of study the actor has completed. But that’s not all. After graduating, it would seem that the handsome Bova has enrolled at ISEF – Higher Institute of Physical Education – but that he has abandoned his studies.

What did he do before he became famous?

Raoul Bova’s debut on the small screen took place in 1991 when, for his first time, he presented himself in the studio of We bet that ..?, Broadcast conducted by Fabrizio Frizzi, as an assistant. Before this moment, however, the Roman actor started his sports career. Passionate about swimming, Raoul begins to practice this sport at a competitive level, but then leaves it, dedicating himself to cinema.

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