Rape at Milan Central Station, arrested remains in prison

The man abused the victim after dragging, beating and locking her in a station elevator. Yesterday two more complaints of sexual assault

The man accused of raping a 36-year-old woman of Moroccan origin at dawn on Thursday 28 April, whom he met by chance near Milan Central Station, remains in prison. The investigating judge validated the detention and ordered prison for the man, 26, also Moroccan, who abused the victim, after dragging, beating and locking her in an elevator at the station.

Meanwhile, two other rapes were reported in Milan: in the first case the victim is a 57-year-old, with walking problems in one leg and who often sleeps on the street, while the second episode instead has a hotel in the center as a backdrop. Two cases on which the investigators are shedding light and which add to the episodes of violence that are recorded in the city.

The first episode dates back to last Friday when the 57-year-old, disabled, was hooked up a stone’s throw from the Central Station by another homeless person, described as a young African, who offered her shelter under his camping tent set up in the Via Tonale area. Despite her refusal, the woman would have been abused twice, violence ascertained by the medical tests at Mangiagalli. ‘Sold’ to another foreigner, the latter allegedly took pity on the victim who only after hours, left alone in the tent, found the strength to ask a passerby for help and report the incident to the officers.

The other violence would instead have taken place in a hotel in the center where a woman, who was in the company of a man, would have felt bad in the room and he would have taken advantage of it before she managed to escape. Prosecutor Rosaria Stagnaro is also investigating this case. On the episodes, the investigators hope to collect important elements from the cameras to give feedback to the victims’ story.