Rape Caivano, Giorgia Meloni on Thursday at the Green Park

Don Patriciello’s appeal to the prime minister and the government: “Put families in a position to move forward”. And he also invites the Pope to go there: “It would be really nice”

The Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will go to the Green Park of Caivano in the Neapolitan area on Thursday. The place was the scene where the rape of the two eleven and twelve year old cousins ​​took place. “To Meloni, to whom we have the duty to thank you for having accepted my invitation to come here, I ask: ‘give this space back to the children and empower families to move forward‘” said Don Maurizio Patriciello during the demonstration in Caivano. “We need an army of primary school teachers – he said – The number of social workers must be what is on paper, social services must be friends, they must represent a support for families, don’t be scary because they take the children away. I hope what happened with the carabinieri, who are now close to the locals and no longer seen in a hostile way, will happen. We want the police on the street, the cameras. We are in the heart of what is called the land of fires, where waste comes from everywhere to pour. The territories become ghettos and all this leads to this. We certainly don’t give up, we have to go on and even if we save just one child we will have done a lot”.


“Pope Francis, the journalists are asking me to invite you here to the Green Park” says Don Patriciello after his invitation to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has been accepted. “I don’t know if you’ll make it, but that would be really cool” he concludes.