Rape Palermo, Selvaggia Lucarelli against Ermal Meta

Sparks between the journalist and the singer on social media

Social sparks between Selvaggia Lucarelli and Ermal Meta. The journalist and the singer have different opinions on the words used to comment on the story of the rape that took place in recent days in Palermo. “There in jail, if you ever go there, I wish each of you ‘dogs’ to end up under 100 wolves so that you understand what rape is” wrote the artist. Words that Lucarelli didn’t like. “Singers who write forcaioli tweets that not even the worst flags” and, then, here is “the people of the web who ask for justice”. Selvaggia Lucarelli then wanted to comment on a passage from Ermal Meta’s comment in which she writes that with violence “you kill a woman’s future, her trust in others and in life”. “And without her trust you compromise her ability to even have children one day. This compromises all of humanity,” writes Meta. “Oh, guys” replies Lucarelli, almost mocking him with bitter irony, “don’t rape you will then damage that reproduction machine called woman”.