“Raped, I attempted suicide”: the terrible drama of the famous influencer

The famous influencer recounted her terrible drama: “I attempted suicide”, what happened after the rape suffered.

After the poignant confession of the beloved Vippone, it is the turn of one famous influencer to tell his terrible drama. In fact, during a very recent interview, the young woman told of having been raped and even attempted suicide after this dramatic event.

The Influencer Drama. Credits: Instagram

Life, we know very well, is not always all roses and flowers. In fact, it may happen that over the years we are faced with obstacles that we must be very skilled to overcome. Of course, it is absolutely not easy, we are aware of it, but sometimes the only way out is to give yourself strength and roll up your sleeves to try to get better. This is exactly what a very young influencer told in the course of a very recent interview.

It was exactly 2018 when the young woman, during a trip to South Africa, was the victim of a rape, which put her at great risk. “Six men threatened me with a gun and raped me”, he told. A terrible episode, as we can clearly understand, which has by no means passed away from her mental well-being. “I attempted suicide”, he told again.

The very young influencer told about the terrible drama she experienced: what happened

A decidedly terrible story, the one to which he let himself go the famous influencer, bringing to mind what happened to you in South Africa back in 2018. What happened? And why was she there? Let’s find out her story together.

On the occasion of her documentary, the famous influencer could not help but tell the trauma she suffered back in 2018 when, in South Africa to shoot a reality show, her car was sensationally blocked by six men who not only threatened her and her. her crew, stealing everything inside, but they even raped her. A drama definitely terrible, as it can be clearly understood, which has brought many complications to the person concerned. Returning home from the tragic event, the very young influencer said she fell into depression and even thought of suicide.

It is precisely at MailOnline that the very young and beloved Katie Price told everything that happened to her several years ago and that still leaves a bad taste in her mouth. Raped by six completely unknown men, Price explained how the event severely traumatized her enough to make her think she was making a shocking decision. “I tried to kill myself. That’s how bad I was, but no one knew “, has explained.

influencer drama
Katie Price. Credits: Instagram

Fortunately, Katie is much better today and, thanks to her path, she can say that she no longer has bad thoughts. However, he hopes that her story and her ‘rebirth’ can help those who, like her, live or have experienced the same situation.