Rare diseases, a chocolate to change the lives of the children of the Nemo Centres

The ‘Yes donating makes you happy’ campaign is back, until 10 December in the 105 ODStores in Italy

A milk chocolate praline received in exchange for a coin that will contribute to changing the lives of over 600 children and young people with neuromuscular disease, those assisted every year together with their families by the Nemo Clinical Centers. Come back’Yes, giving makes you happy‘, campaign promoted by the ODStore chain in collaboration with Lindt & Sprüngli. Until 10 December, in the 105 ODStore sales points active throughout Italy it will be possible to leave 1 euro in the till for a Lindor chocolate which will transform into the sweetest gift: an aid, a game, a colorful space suitable for children, support for 20 professionals including child neuropsychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists, dedicated to pediatric care and rehabilitation in the Nemo network locations.

“Giving to others makes ourselves happy first of all”: this is the message of the campaign which has reached its fifth edition and has the face of little Sofia, ‘daughter’ of the large Nemo family. “We are ready to blow out the 5 candles of this special birthday”, says her mother Roberta. “Every year – he underlines – being able to be present to celebrate among the sweets, with colored balloons and many other children, is a great achievement. It means that we are well and that we can enjoy every moment of life. We are grateful for this and, although with the awareness that tomorrow may be a little more difficult, we are here to give our support to Nemo and to the families who cannot celebrate with us today. We all need this reality to always be at our side”.

In the first 4 editions of the initiative – a note recalls – 373 thousand euros were raised which gave life to the Affectivity Clinic project, dedicated to taking charge of the psychological, educational and relational aspects of children and their families, from first days of life until adolescence. A challenge taken up, which has made it possible to change the quality of life of over 2,500 families through the creation of targeted spaces and treatment paths within the 7 Nemo clinical centers operating in Milan, Rome, Naples, Brescia, Trento, Ancona and Genoa , in which you can feel at home, welcomed and accompanied, step by step throughout your illness journey.

Goal of 500 thousand euros raised in 5 years

“Starting a treatment path with a family experiencing a complex, disabling disease and often without the hope of recovery means making a promise – states Alberto Fontana, president of Nemo – It means first of all transferring to the parents and their children who will not be alone, because in Nemo they will have a place in which to be welcomed, protected and cared for. In this promise, being able to count on professionals who take care of the dimension of affections, emotions, relationships, as well as fears and expectations is fundamental. The affectivity clinic has this important role, helping to orient oneself in a new life path in a short time and allowing daily difficulties, as well as the experience of hospitalization, to be faced with serenity and awareness. A promise that we can do only thanks to the support of thousands of supporters who concretely allow this journey together to continue, year after year.”

“For me and all my collaborators, this campaign has become an essential annual event – declares Mauro Tiberti, founder of the ODStore chain and creator of the campaign – In a world that runs fast, in which competition and abuse are everyday life, we are proud to be able to stop for a moment and be able to say that we, as always, are here. Think about what has been done in recent years with 1 euro at a time – clinics, pediatric hospital rooms, gyms, job grants for therapists – and how much we could do more, fills us with pride and emotion. And this year we want to do more and celebrate these first 5 years by reaching the milestone of half a million euros donated to Nemo”.