Ravasio (Oracle): “Results, data and sustainability closely linked”

Interview with SostenibileOggi of Cloud Applications VP & Country Leader of Oracle Italy

Italian companies, especially SMEs, are ahead of the rest of Europe in the application of ESG criteria. Giovanni Ravasio, Cloud Applications VP & Country Leader of Oracle Italyphotographer in an interview with SustainableToday
the situation of Italian companies in the adoption of sustainable practices in terms of environmental, social and corporate governance: “There is a competitive advantage due both to the leaner nature of the industrial process chain in companies, and to the ability of Italian entrepreneurs to produce quality products”.

The top manager of Oracle Italia explains what it means today for a company to be defined as sustainable: “Now the dynamics have changed: companies are seen by the consumer and other companies from a sustainable perspective, that is: I do business with you only if you adopt sustainable practices” . Therefore, adds Ravasio, “the increase in revenue and sustainability are doubly linked, if this link is not there there is a problem in terms of results, problems with those who invest in you”.

Oracle’s VP Country explains why data is needed for sustainable business processes: “Previously reporting made us perceive how the company was progressing, now the same companies must start from data and processes to carry out ESG planning, they must collect data, translate them (under audit) and convert them into sustainability indices, then they have to aggregate them, I’m talking about data that comes from both procurement and the production line, and then there is the use of these data, a strategic reading, predictive and to set company targets”.

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