Rave decree, 13 absent in Forza Italia: “All justified”

13 out of 44 deputies did not participate in the final vote

The official records of the House speak for themselves. Despite the ‘recommendations’ in chat sent by the group leader Alessandro Cattaneo in the morning (”Get organized to ensure presence for the final vote in the evening”) 13 Forza Italia deputies out of 44 of the group in the Chamber did not participate in the final vote on the rave decree, despite not being on a mission. The first, and the only one so far, to declare his ‘dissent’ from the official line of the party with videos on social media was Nazario Pagano: ”I didn’t vote, not because I didn’t agree with all the contents of the decree but because within it, in article 7, there is a rule that I do not agree with and that is the revocation of the suspension of professional activity for the so-called ‘no vax’ doctors “.

In reality, they tell, in addition to a clear political discontent, not so much for the measures on the crime of rave or the impediment prison but for the reinstatement of no-vax doctors (just think that in the first reading at Palazzo Madama the force leader Licia Ronzulli slipped off , not voting), among the 13 there are several justified absentees. In fact, there are those who have deserted the hemicycle for other reasons: health, such as the case of Cristina Rossello, Katia Polidori and Francesco Cannizzaro, who let it be known that they have sent a medical certificate, or for strictly family reasons such as Debora Bergamini , who assures Adnkronos: ”I share the spirit of the decree”.

But there are also those who report, as always happens in these cases, did not come to the Chamber because after participating in the non-stop maneuver marathon and the rave itself, they wanted to go home to their family or went on vacation ahead of the New Year. For the record, 4 Azzurri were absent because they were on a mission. Cattaneo dampens any controversy and tells Adnkronos: ”The absences in Fi are all justified and largely due to seasonal influences. Only my colleague Pagano – specifies the president of the forced deputies – expressed a distinction on the final vote, without having failed to give his vote of confidence yesterday”.