Rave decree and ‘non-native music’, the fake amendment is depopulated

Avalanche of comments on Twitter, then the author reveals the joke

An avalanche of comments on Twitter between the amazed, the indignant and the irreverent. An amendment by the Interior Ministry to the Rave dl that has been circulating on social networks this morning has triggered users. It is a fake, however, and it was explained by the author himself, Carmelo Palma, in a post entitled ‘A nice game, it doesn’t last long’. But not before the matter went viral.

This is the fake amendment: “Finally, add the following paragraph to Article 5, paragraph 1, paragraph 434-bis: non-native music and the consumption of psychotropic substances as per Presidential Decree 309/1990 “. And to solicit the irony of social users was the passage on ‘non-native music’. Genio78 writes: “I was in the car singing Romagna Mia, when the police stopped me. One of the policemen: ‘You are singing non-native music, here we are in the Marche’. He was right, I had passed Rimini without realizing it. 70 euro fine. and immediate evacuation of the car radio “. And Giuli1979: “We thought they wanted to prevent demonstrations and parades and instead with ‘non-native music’ they aimed only at safeguarding the smooth”. And so on.

The author of the fake in revealing the joke, argues: “I thought I was doing a post similar to Lercio, instead I did a little social experiment” which “confirms that in the face of such an unlikely government and legislator, everything becomes possible and can be believed to be true, because the rational boundary between the credible and the unbelievable has completely jumped “.