Rave decree, Conte: “Norma gruesome from a dictatorial regime”

The 5-star leader: “When I read it, as a jurist rather than a politician, I jumped on the chair”

“The rave decree? When I read the text, as a jurist rather than a politician, I jumped in my chair. It is absurd that this new crime has been introduced“, said the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte, during the recording of the episode of ‘Dritto e rovescio’ which will be broadcast tonight on Rete 4.

“For a muscle performance a creepy, police state rule. Good for dictatorial regimes, for South American dictatorships “, attacks Conte.

“We also apply the current legislation to the rallies of 2 thousand or more people who … fascist anthem, Roman salute, black shirts: that is a crime in all respects, it is called an apologia for fascism“, says the former prime minister in reference to the Predappio meeting.” The police forces there too should have intervened to counter the flagrant nature of that crime and report it to the prosecutors, “he says.