Rave decree, Deputy Minister of Justice: “Norma improvable”

Sisto: “Lower penalties to stop wiretapping”

“The decree-law by its nature is an emergency measure, it enters into force immediately but is subject to the process of conversion into law: the decree-law becomes law. To do this, it passes through the legislative paths of parliamentary democracy, for which it is possible to intervene on the rules by changing them, updating them, improving them“. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Francesco Paolo Sisto, in a speech on Radio Radio.

“On the subject of wiretapping, both Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Antonio Tajani during the Council of Ministers expressed doubts about the possibility that conversations can be intercepted or captured with this crime. If Parliament considers it, it will be enough to lower the sentence below five years and wiretapping will not be allowed. Nobody intends to attack the freedom to express one’s thoughts or dissent. If the norm can be improved it will improve but only and only to hit the raves ”, he concluded.