Rave decree, government changes the text: what changes

Only for musical gatherings, but the sentence of 3 to 6 years and wiretapping remain

Change the text of the anti-rave policy with the government amendment, which now seems to hold student demonstrations and other public initiatives are excluded from the hypothesis of a crime. In fact, the executive amendment limits the crime to “anyone who organizes and promotes the arbitrary invasion of other people’s land or buildings, public or private, in order to organize a musical gathering or gathering for other entertainment purposes”.

Furthermore, the text of the executive provides for “imprisonment from three to six years and a fine from 1,000 to 10,000 euros”, when the invasion “arises a concrete danger to public health or public safety due to the non-compliance with the rules on drugs or on the subject of safety or hygiene of shows and public entertainment events, also due to the number of participants or the state of the places”.

The “confiscation of things that served or were intended to commit the crime, as well as things that are the product or profit of it,” remains confirmed.

“With this amendment to the anti-rave decree-law, the Government perfects the law, making it more effective to combat the illicit conduct to be prosecuted”, said the Minister of Justice, Charles Nordio.