Rave decree, Viminal sources: “The right to expression and freedom to demonstrate does not affect”

Alarm of the opposition. Read: “Citizens’ freedom under discussion”. Salvini: “You can’t go back”

“The illegal anti-raving law concerns a mandatory case that concerns the conduct of arbitrary invasion of large groups such as to constitute a danger to public health and safety. A law that does not in any way harm the right of expression and freedom of demonstration sanctioned by the Constitution and defended by the institutions “. This is what is learned from sources of the Interior Ministry after the controversy triggered by the new type of crime included in the criminal code with article 434-bis.

Question and answer Letta-Salvini – “The details of the Interior Ministry on the rave party question do not change the legal question that we have posed. On the contrary, the hasty and unusual clarification confirms that they have made a mess. Which can only be resolved with the withdrawal of the law. # NoArt434bis”, writes on twitter the Secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, who in the morning had spoken of “a very serious error. The #rave have nothing to do with a similar rule. It is the # freedom of citizens that is thus called into question”.

“A Democratic Party now in total confusion defends illegality and abusive #raveparty, asking the government to change its mind. No! There is no going back, the laws are finally respected”, replies the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini.

Opposition to the attack – “The introduction of the new article 434 bis in the Criminal Code undermines the freedom of citizens. A rule that has nothing to do with security or raves but which will end up sending even citizens who organize a simple protest to prison. the addition of the wiretapping that will be possible, the right immediately reveals its liberticidal intentions. This new article must absolutely be withdrawn “, writes on Facebook the president of the Democratic Party in the Senate Simona Malpezzi.

“They said they were ‘ready’. And they are: amnesty to the No vax, postponement of the justice reform and now a law on rave parties that brings us back to the free-killing norms of the Rocco code. Nothing on expensive energy, inflation, price increases. In short: reactionaries immediately “, is Piero’s post on Twitter Ashdeputy of the Democratic Party.

“Reading the text reveals a very different rule from the specific provision on Rave that was evoked in yesterday’s press conference by President Meloni and her ministers. disparate and with great discretion. A law with a Putinian flavor “, comments the deputy and president of Più Europa Riccardo Magi.

“Yesterday it was a fear, after having read the text of the new rule they introduced, it is a certainty: they used the pretext of fighting raves to insert rules with very heavy penalties that could be used in very different contexts. And I am thinking, for example, of the trade union marches of increasingly exasperated workers, student mobilizations or protests by committees and movements such as those that have developed in Piombino in recent months. A risky and dangerous decision, which can simply further poison the social and political climate of the country ” , says the national secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni, parliamentarian of the Green Left Alliance who then adds: “As usual, in the end Salvini also arrives and not understanding anything, he collects a lot of nonsense in order to have a space in the media”. “He does not understand that the opposition protest – continues the leader of SI – has nothing to do with the fight against raves, but with what they introduced yesterday: the preview of special laws that do not promise anything good for the estate. democracy and the country’s social cohesion. I understand that for Salvini these concepts are difficult to assume, however this is the reality. And it must be clear – concludes Fratoianni – that that rule must be withdrawn ”.