Rave party decree, Gasparri: “We are against drug events”

The words of the blue senator to La7

“We are against drug events.” Maurizio Gasparri, a guest this morning at Omnibus on La7, comments on the decree on Rave parties approved during the first Cdm of the Meloni government. In the studio there is controversy, and to those who point out that events with 50 people are also “a beach party” or “the boys who occupy a high school”, the senator of Forza Italia replies: “There are those in favor of those events and who is against it. We are against those drug events … These things cannot be done, we do not want stuff of that type, the Italians will judge “. For Gasparri “there are rules that must be made, the parliamentary debate can and must give rise to a confrontation. After that, rules are needed, now abroad they see Italy as a soft underbelly due to the lack of sanctions that act as a deterrent. We are against drug rave parties, “he remarks again. “But does it seem like a right threshold for 50 people?”, Flavia Perina asks the senator, who dismisses the question with “then we’ll put 82 …”.